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2011 Project365 (days 323-333)

29th November:

29th November 2011

We’ve been having seriously good weather for ducks. Glasgow had well over half its monthly average monthly rainfall in less than 24 hours, and don’t forget that in the west of Scotland we already get plenty of the wet stuff. Stirling was even worse.

28th November:

28th November 2011

I drove through a great big puddle too fast and gubbed the electrics, so we broke down just after we turned onto the M8 on the way home. This was taken with HD’s phone, and is of the car while we waited for the man from the RAC to rescue us. Of course by the time he came the car started, but he dried it out and sprayed it with industrial amounts of WD40 and it got us home OK.

27th November:

27th November 2011

I liked the morning sky colour here.

26th November:

26th November 2011

This clematis is by our front door. It’s going to look lovely in the summer.

25th November:

25th November 2011

This (very zoomed) view is not far from our house. As you can see the hills got a dusting of snow.

24th November:

24th November 2011

Confession: I totally forgot to take a picture on the 24th, so I took a picture of white nothing on the 25th. Whoops!

23rd November:

23rd November 2011

These carnations are left over from the bouquet I got from my colleagues (see previous photo) (actually they’re still alive a week later on the 30th too!).

22nd November:

22nd November 2011

I had an interview in the afternoon for a reduced-hours health visiting job, I didn’t get it (though they said I interviewed well), but it did give me the chance to hang around Queen’s Park before it got dark while waiting for HD to finish work. I tried lots of close-ups of the swans, got quite a few pictures I liked. This one had just had its head in the water, hence the dripping.

21st November:

21st November 2011

The best thing about moving house! 🙂

20th November:

20th November 2011

This is our local parish church (which coincidentally has the same name as our church in Glasgow).

19th November:

19th November 2011

This is the best takeaway we’ve had yet here (the Indian and Chinese have been a bit disappointing).

2011 Project365 (days232-234)

22nd August:

22nd August 2011

This is a close up of a carved wooden box. No reason, I just liked it 🙂

21st August:

21st August 2011

We were in York for our friend’s birthday this weekend, this is more beauty from his garden (the red flower from about a month ago is from the same garden. I have serious garden envy every time I stay there).

20th August:

20th August 2011

As part of our weekend we went on a walk with friends on the Yorkshire coast, from the Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve (where we saw lots of gannets on the cliffs) through to Flamborough Head cliffs. It was a lovely walk, and unlike most of our friend’s birthday walks not that hilly (always a plus!). There were millions of ladybirds around, but also millions of wasps. It was a beautiful walk, I really liked the scenery which was very distinctive. We even had good weather 🙂

2011 Project365 (day177)

26th June 2011

This morning we ummed and aahhed about whether or not to go to Solas for the day – the weather was better than forecast, and we had a nice day when we went to the first festival last year, but in the end we decided that there wasn’t enough on that we wanted to see to make it worth spending the money on tickets as well as getting there (if Stanley Odd had been on today rather than yesterday that probably would have tipped the balance). So instead we’ve had a not particularly exciting day, but did manage to get to the recycling place (I know, we’re so rock-n-roll), and then I went to the Tramway Theatre and Hidden Gardens for a cup of tea as I find it quite a good place to do non-pressured writing. I managed to both check and comment on a colleague’s essay (the downside of being academic! Though I didn’t mind, I’m glad to help), write out my rough draft of a job application form (for some bank nursing – am still plotting my escape from health visiting but don’t want to lose my practical skills and experience), *and* identify possible things to write journal articles on from my thesis (I need to get my finger out on that, but if I can get a bit more done then that will help me with future academic job applications). I reckon I have at least 16 articles which could be written, even if I manage a few of them it shouldn’t do me too much harm!

This picture was taken in the Hidden Gardens, at the back of the Tramway. This really made me laugh, I think the flowers look like they are all singing, cartoon-stylee.

2011 Project365 (days154-155)

4th June:

4th June 2011

Beautiful flowers from HD for my birthday 🙂

3rd June:

3rd June 2011

I had a glorious day for my birthday – the sky is bleached out in this photo so you can’t see how blue it is, you will have to take my word for it! This is the garden at the back of Beanscene where we met up with a couple of friends to celebrate my ‘life the universe and everything’ birthday. Creak.

2011 Project365 (day104)

14th April 2011

A bit of nostalgia here – these forget-me-nots are all over my otherwise manky and full-of-weeds pots out in the back court. The last two cold winters killed off most of the plants apart from the bulbs (and the weeds, sigh), but these have gone mad this year. What I particularly like about these though (and hence the reference to nostalgia) is that they are all self-seeded from the forget-me-nots I grew in my London garden. I just threw some seeds around in the garden, up they came, then the next year without doing anything they appeared all over the garden. And then I came to Glasgow, and the following spring they appeared in the pots, having absolutely not been planted there by me! Now they’re spilling out of the pots and growing in the moss on the paving slabs, and in the otherwise weed-ful bits of mud in the back court. I’m so happy, the smallest bit of my beautiful garden is still here 🙂 (too bad whatever I tried I couldn’t get the focus right, but the colour is all there!).

Once these start going over I think I’ll treat myself to some bedding plants and try and sort out the pots. Now I don’t have the thesis, I am feeling ready to have a go at gardening again.

2011 Project365 (days 56-58)

27th February 2011:

27th February 2011Here’s a sight to make the soul soar – crocuses in Queen’s Park. The reading in church today was from Matthew (“consider the lilies of the field …. not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed as one of these”). Whenever I hear or read that verse I always picture crocuses.

26th February 2011:

26th February 2011

On Friday a friend of HD’s from York came to stay as the two of them were planning on going to a nerd’s model railway convention at the SECC on Saturday. I arranged to meet them after a few hours, so had a lovely walk along the Clyde Walkway. I do like Glasgow.

25th February 2011:

25th February 2011

To continue the arty theme of the last few days, on Friday evening we went to a concert and blessing celebrating the centenary of St Bride’s Church in Bothwell, out east of Glasgow heading towards Motherwell (ish). The reason we went was that our friend Richard, who is an artist, had been commissioned to produce a significant artwork for the occasion, of which this is part. There are 6 large paintings now prominently displayed in the entrance hall to the church, and are really very impressive indeed. It was great to see the end result having heard so much about the process of planning and creating the work (I think Richard was just pleased it was finished at last!). We know such talented people. The concert was fun, it was by the local amateur Philharmonic Choir and included a number of pieces that I have sung myself in choirs in the dim and distant past (including opening with Vivaldi “Gloria” – I told HD afterwards he had NO idea the effort required for me to listen and not just sing along, as that’s really good fun to sing). It was in aid of the Poor Clare Monastery, and sisters from the monastery were present, but behind a screen as they apparently have minimal contact with the outside world. I love the photo of the sisters on that link, some of them look really cheeky!

Spring’s on the way!

IMGP6569I took a quick half-hour break earlier today from the thesis to have a gentle stroll round the lower part of Queen’s Park to get some fresh air. It looks like spring is definitely on the way – these are crocuses, and the daffs look like they’ll be flowering in the next week or so. I’m sure this is earlier than last year, despite our very cold winter this year – I guess the bulbs must have been all snug and warm under their snowy duvet the other week and decided to tentatively poke their toes out of bed a bit earlier this year!

Guaranteed to give me a lift, these are. And once we get the daffs as well, with that beautiful carpet of yellow … just beautiful. I did see a clump of narcissi in a garden near uni this week, they were all out and flowering, so hopefully we’ll get some more yellow to chase away the grey soon.