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2011 Project365 (days 323-333)

29th November:

29th November 2011

We’ve been having seriously good weather for ducks. Glasgow had well over half its monthly average monthly rainfall in less than 24 hours, and don’t forget that in the west of Scotland we already get plenty of the wet stuff. Stirling was even worse.

28th November:

28th November 2011

I drove through a great big puddle too fast and gubbed the electrics, so we broke down just after we turned onto the M8 on the way home. This was taken with HD’s phone, and is of the car while we waited for the man from the RAC to rescue us. Of course by the time he came the car started, but he dried it out and sprayed it with industrial amounts of WD40 and it got us home OK.

27th November:

27th November 2011

I liked the morning sky colour here.

26th November:

26th November 2011

This clematis is by our front door. It’s going to look lovely in the summer.

25th November:

25th November 2011

This (very zoomed) view is not far from our house. As you can see the hills got a dusting of snow.

24th November:

24th November 2011

Confession: I totally forgot to take a picture on the 24th, so I took a picture of white nothing on the 25th. Whoops!

23rd November:

23rd November 2011

These carnations are left over from the bouquet I got from my colleagues (see previous photo) (actually they’re still alive a week later on the 30th too!).

22nd November:

22nd November 2011

I had an interview in the afternoon for a reduced-hours health visiting job, I didn’t get it (though they said I interviewed well), but it did give me the chance to hang around Queen’s Park before it got dark while waiting for HD to finish work. I tried lots of close-ups of the swans, got quite a few pictures I liked. This one had just had its head in the water, hence the dripping.

21st November:

21st November 2011

The best thing about moving house! 🙂

20th November:

20th November 2011

This is our local parish church (which coincidentally has the same name as our church in Glasgow).

19th November:

19th November 2011

This is the best takeaway we’ve had yet here (the Indian and Chinese have been a bit disappointing).

2011 Project365 (days299-301)

I can’t believe I’ve managed over 300 days of daily photos – on the home stretch now!

28th October:

28th October 2011

I went for my usual Friday constitutional in Queen’s Park, this is the (very zoomed) view over to Whitelee Wind Farm on the horizon. This is the last Friday I’ll be able to do this for a while – if all goes to plan this time next week will be our first full day in our new home! 🙂

27th October:

27th October 2011

I was teaching on an OU tutorial after work yesterday evening, and walked past George Square on my way. I liked the colour of the sky behind the City Chambers. The usual blingy Christmas lights are already up, though it’ll be a few more weeks before they’re switched on. The tents in front of the City Chambers on the right are the Glasgow Occupy protest. Unfortunately this particular protest has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons: STV article.

26th October:

26th October 2011

I was feeling the need for a bit of colour. I really like these coasters.

2011 Project365 (day230)

18th August 2011

The centre of Glasgow (specifically George Square and surrounds) has been brought to a bit of a standstill this week and the next couple of weeks as Brangelina are in town – Brad Pitt is filming a zombie movie, “World War Z”, and George Square has been turned into Philadelphia for the duration. I took quite a few pictures this evening – there’s a set of them all on flickr here. Some buildings have been transformed (the court house is particularly effective) and the street signs added. There was quite a buzz around there, though the man himself was nowhere to be seen.

There’s been plenty of talk in the local media as to whether the film is “World War Zee” or “World War Zed”. And plenty of wits have already pointed out that if they wanted to film the zombie apocalypse they could have saved a lot of money and just filmed Sauchiehall Street on a Friday night.

2011 Project365 (day127)

7th May 2011

Here’s my local farmers’ market. The stall closest on the right here sells that well-known Scottish delicacy, ostrich. And the veg stall closest on the left sells the most delicious strawberries in the world 🙂

If you are in the area and can come to this market, I particularly recommend the french guy and his stall. The marinaded veg is fantastic, especially the aubergine. Though I think the fudge stall opposite may be my new favourite 😀

2011 Project365 (day100)

10th April 2011

So we’re 100 days into 2011 – time is really flying. Today I went up to uni to work on my thesis corrections in the library, this is a picture from a bit further down the road of the tower of the university main building, with the occupied Free Hetherington building in the foreground (you can just see a banner over the entrance, right of the picture). The Hetherington building used to be the club for postgrads and mature students, but was closed by the university more than a year ago, but has been occupied by students since February this year in protests against the cuts the university is planning on making. Things came to a head in March when the university extremely heavy-handedly tried to evict them using goodness knows how many of Strathclyde Police, since when they have apologised and allowed the occupation to continue. There’s a rather idealistic piece by two of the protesters here.

I’ve made a good dent in my corrections, and reckon with a couple more evening’s work I should have more or less got them done. The deadline is 18th April, so I’m pleased it’s not too last-minute (relatively!). I’ve also seen a couple of jobs I might apply for, and as usual there are essays waiting for marking. No rest for the wicked! 🙂