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Greenbelt, the photo entry

Tractor Girl is blogging in a generally profound way about Greenbelt, this will be somewhat more superficial – though I do recommend you get over to her blog for a bit of meat 🙂

I had a good time, I don’t think it was a classic Greenbelt for me this year, but I did enjoy chilling and meeting up with people. My various highlights:

Music: The Effras and Seth Lakeman.
Worship: op/en Eucharist in New Forms on Sunday. Of course I’m biased, they’re my old church, but it really was wonderful. I miss them 🙁
Talk: er, I only went to one (Kathy Galloway from the Iona Community on Scottish identity) but it was very good, and I was brave and asked a question. I was going to go to another one (Robert Beckford on the potentially negative impacts of aid on Africa), but it appeared to be a victim of the last minute rescheduling monster so I’ve no idea if it ever took place. Too bad – it sounded interesting. Actually I’ve just remembered I went to another – Prof. Keith Ward deconstructing Richard Dawkins. He’s one of my favourite Christian authors, but unfortunately a combination of lack of sleep, lots of fresh air and not being that interested in Richard Dawkins meant that I kept nodding off, which is no reflection on him as the bits I was awake for sounded interesting. And I also attended Steve Tomkins’ Speed Christianity, but that doesn’t really count as it’s exactly the same talk that he gave 2 years ago (it was just as good 2nd time round though before you think that sounds negative).
T-shirt slogan: My Other Body is a Temple. That made me laugh.
Meets: both the Shipmeet (in the Organic Beer Tent) and the wibmeet (in the Tiny Tea Tent) were lots of fun, though I forgot to take pictures at both. And taking the time to meet up with Tractor Girl on Monday was definitely a big highlight, and may well prompt a further entry sometime soon 🙂

Less good: interrupted sleep every night (first night: cold, second night: heavy rain, third night: argument in a nearby tent that seemed to go on for ages, including involving a night steward at one point). Also although I was very happy to have my wellies, as it was very wet and muddy, I was less happy that because my calves are on the chunky side they were really tight around the calves and this made them bunch up and rub a bit further down my leg. Before you think I’m being a wimp, I now have a Grade 2 pressure sore on my leg! I haven’t taken a picture, as I realise some of you are of a sensitive disposition.

Here’s a selection of my photos, in no particular order:



I’m here, we’ve had the wibmeet, flapjacks were consumed (all of them!), I’ve been to a talk, done some worship, seen some music, met loads of people, not slept as it was so chuffing cold last night, ate plenty, drank some beer, not sang hymns yet but will probably do so (with beer) tomorrow. All in all I’m enjoying myself 🙂

It struck me at the wibmeet (which HD also attended) that we (well, I!) was talking to lots of different people about our life, and because it was Greenbelt and it’s great to see people it was all “yeah, I live here, he lives there, it’s a bit stressy, big smiles, pass the flapjacks” sort of thing. And it was wonderful and fun and all the rest of it. But he’s the one who sees me when I’m in tears because I’m so exhausted from all the travelling and stressed about all the work I’ve got to do and all the rest of it, and it struck me that life online and IRL is really complicated, because both of these aspects are true. I *am* knackered, I do get tearful, but I can also be really energetic and animated when I’m talking about it. I suspect I need to get a bit more balance, so it’s not just HD who’s stuck with the whingey me and not just faraway friends who see the happy smiley animated face. Either that or have another beer 😉

Anyway – how fantastic to see everyone again. I am aware (hours after the event) that I forgot to give Dave’s sister money for the tea. I hope she wasn’t too much out of pocket and I shall look out for her over the next 2 days. But this is just to acknowledge my embarrassment and that I didn’t mean to sponge!

We’re seeing Seth Lakeman perform tonight. Am very very excited about that!

Wibmeet at Greenbelt

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen the latest on the wibboards, the meet scheduled for Saturday at 4.30 at Greenbelt at Dave and Maddie’s van isn’t now going to happen as the van won’t be there. But we’re still looking to carry on with the meet, so at the moment it’s looking like same time – Saturday 4.30 – but at the Organic Beer Tent, unless anyone has a suitable tent that could host us instead.

I have made flapjacks again. Unfortunately the recipe is in Scotland (unlike me!) so I had to make it up a bit, and they’re a bit soggy and crumbly. But the crumbs are delicious 😀

We’re off tomorrow evening, so I doubt I’ll update this again, but just so you know.

Public service wiblogging – glad to be of service.

WOMAD 2008

I’ve just gone through my photos – some good, some bad, some indifferent – but I hope this gives you a bit of a flavour of our festival!

The first few are of our little home for the weekend – as you can see HD was working really hard while I killed myself inflating the mattress (I can just see him snorting coffee over his keyboard if he reads this – the picture was actually taken during a very brief break, as he did most of the inflating). And you can see that as usual I am the height of sophistication and chic and gorgeousness:

WOMAD homeWOMAD working hardWOMAD camping chic

The first band we went to see were called Fribo, who were variously from England, Scotland, Norway and Iceland. I quite liked them, they were good enough, though I must say that listening to a bagpipe tune being played on a Jew’s Harp was quite an experience! Then we wandered down to see a band called AltaiKAI who were Siberian throat singers. Their traditional music is designed to evoke the landscape and wildlife, so it included very realistic impressions of birds and horses as well as the very weird throat singing. They’re the group in the amazing costumes in the first picture. We then saw a bit of the ceilidh with the Sharon Shannon Band, which was fun but I wasn’t mad on some of the guest singers, and we weren’t around when Shane McGowan was on, assuming he showed up – by that point we had moved on to the Radio 3 stage in the Arboretum to see what, for me, was the find of the festival, a band from Marseille called Lo Cor de La Plana. These six guys sing a capella, plus do a bit of beatboxing (but not in a naff way) and some of them had north African drums that looked like tambourines but without the milk bottle tops if you know what I mean. They sing in a language called Occitan, which is a kind of melding together of French and Catalan, and which apparently the French authorities are trying to suppress. They were simply fantastic, and I’m afraid I was really sad and bought a CD and queued up to get them to sign it. If you ever get the chance to see them, do take it – they were brilliant (they’re in the second two pictures):

WOMAD AltaiKAIWOMAD Lo Cor de la Plana (1)WOMAD Lo Cor de la Plana (2)

From there we went on to hear a band called Speed Caravan (or, as I kept calling it, Extreme Ironing, much to my amusement if not anyone else’s) which was the band of a France-based Algerian oud-player described as “the Jimi Hendrix of the electric oud”. I found him much more listenable-to than Jimi Hendrix, but I could see what they meant. They were very very loud, and very clubby – the blurb said they reference The Cure and The Chemical Brothers; I can’t say I heard much that was Cure-like in their set but it was pretty Chemical Brothersesque, I thought. They’re in the first (not very good – we were a long way away) photo of this next bunch. The second and third pictures show the WOMAD flags – these were arranged in various circles all around the arena, and were SO photogenic! The second picture in particular, there was a whole crowd of us taking pictures of these pink flags as in the light, with the darkening sky behind them, they just looked breathtaking:

WOMAD Speed CaravanWOMAD pink flagsWOMAD blue-grey flags

After seeing Extreme Ironing, we wandered round the funfair which was also onsite. We had a go on a ride which was a bit like the waltzers except the cars didn’t spin all the way round. I reckon I’m getting old – I used to be able to go on one fairground ride after another and absolutely loved it, but even after this one ride I wanted to puke!

On Saturday we relaxed and mooched for much of the morning, and once the music programme really started around lunchtime we wandered round just seeing what we found. We listened to a few songs by an Italian band called Sudd MM, before going over to the main open air stage to see a french gypsy band called Babylon Circus (first picture). I thought they were brilliant – if you know Manu Chao’s music I thought they sounded a lot like him, but more energetic – but as it was so hot HD wandered off to find somewhere shady while I listened to the rest of their set. We then missed each other for an hour or so trying but not quite succeeding to find each other, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard to bump into each other eventually so didn’t flap (unusually for me). I wandered over to the Radio 3 stage to listen to another band I’d wanted to see, a Balkan gypsy band called Paprika Balkanicus (second picture). They were from, variously, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, and were really excellent (the violinist from Romania in particular was fantastic). By the middle of the set HD and I had found each other, and as the Radio 3 area was so crowded (it was a stage in the Arboretum, so it was a small intimate space which was great, but could get really crowded) we ended up sitting under a tree a little way away listening to the music, although we couldn’t see the stage any more. Also later that same day we saw Wasis Diop (3rd photo – a late replacement for a band that couldn’t get a visa, but he was great – very cheerful, happy Senegalese music), Martha Wainwright (very good, though not my favourite) and some of Jah Wobble’s set (HD is a big fan of his).

WOMAD Babylon Circus (1)WOMAD Paprika BalkanicusWOMAD Wasis Diop

We then were hungry, and it was quite late, so we wandered over to Leon’s vegetarian stall (someone persuade him to go to Greenbelt, his food was fantastic!), which happened to be at the side of the main open air stage. And who should be playing there, but the legendary Eddy Grant (1st photo). We hadn’t planned on seeing him, we just happened to be over that way, so only caught the last half hour or so, but I have to say – the guy is a legend! He was brilliant, and he’d saved all the songs everyone knew (and so sang along to) till the end. Walking on Sunshine, Electric Avenue, I Don’t Wanna Dance, Hope JoAnna, and then Baby Come Back as the encore. He was fantastic. Oh, and there were more flags all over the place, so here are a couple more:

WOMAD Eddy GrantWOMAD green flagsWOMAD blue flags and sky

On Sunday we also had a relaxed start to the day, and both went to the Tai Chi class. HD has been doing Tai Chi for years (there’s a brilliant picture of him, a few years ago in his parents’ back garden, doing his Tai Chi moves being watched (and copied) by his young toddler niece), but I’ve not really done much before other than the short lived Body Balance course I attempted a couple of years ago. I quite enjoyed it, though my feet (which by this point were rather blistered) were killing me so having to stand on them on really hard stony lumpy ground for an hour and a half was a bit trying after a while! We saw less music on Sunday, but did see Cara Dillon (first couple of photos) who was wonderful. I had wanted to see her when she played at Greenbelt a couple of years ago, but then we ended up spending the entirety of her set in the shower queue so I’d missed her, so I was really pleased to get the chance now, and wasn’t disappointed. Incidentally the guy on the left of the second picture, who played guitar and keyboards for her, was called Sam Lakeman – I’m wondering if he’s any relation to Seth (I thought he looked a bit like him, and he was certainly a fine musician, so it’s plausible). After that we spent some time sitting under a tree and reading, and we also went for our one shower of the weekend (more on the bathroom facilities in a minute!). The final photo of this next three was taken looking up from our reading spot – would you just look at the colour of that sky!!!

WOMAD Cara Dillon (1)WOMAD Cara Dillon (2)WOMAD blue sky!

We went back to the tent for a bit, where HD fought valiantly with the airbed (a wedding present, which foolishly we hadn’t measured in relation to the tent – it did fit, but only just!) and I had a light beverage and demonstrated why I usually blowdry my hair! The third picture (a bit out of sequence, I think!) is of HD waiting for a fix – the woman in the coffee van asked him if he was going to Greenbelt this year, as she is so used to serving him regular caffeine over the years she recognised him!*

WOMAD mattress fightWOMAD relaxingWOMAD coffee

The first photo from this next bunch is the band we saw on the main stage on Sunday evening, one of my must-sees – Orchestra Baobab from Senegal. I’d got their 2002 album (and their latest one is going onto my wish-list!), so knew I was going to like it, and I wasn’t disappointed, although as my feet were really killing me it did affect my enjoyment a bit (note to self: at Greenbelt, go for comfort over style – carry a camping chair everywhere). Oh yeah and here’s some more flags too:

WOMAD Orchestra Baobab (main stage)WOMAD red flags

Finally for the photos, in the evening we watched Charlie Gillett record his Radio 3 world music show on the Radio 3 stage (it’s on Listen Again all this week on the Radio 3 website – must get round to listening to it, the man’s a legend). These pictures show Orchestra Baobab again (or, as the stage was only very small, Chamber Orchestra Baobab!), the man himself, and finally a view of the walkway from the Radio 3 stage to the main arena area as it was getting dark – it was really pretty with the lights.

WOMAD Orchestra BaobabWOMAD Charlie Gillett - legendWOMAD Walkway

What a great weekend. I’ll definitely go again.

It was interesting for me to see how I felt about being at WOMAD – I’d only been once before, as a day visitor, and Greenbelt is the only festival I’ve ever camped at. It felt strange not constantly bumping into people we knew (we did bump into a friend of HD’s a couple of times, as she is also a WOMAD regular, but apart from her and the coffee van woman recognising him, we didn’t know anyone else there). It was weird not getting up and saying good morning to fellow campers and joining them for breakfast as our fellow campers were complete strangers. That said, everyone seemed really friendly and it wasn’t unpleasant weird, just a bit different.

It struck me as well how, just like Greenbelt, there’s a very definite WOMAD sub-culture. Just like Greenbelt, I’d say that sub-culture was basically pretty middle-class and educated, on the whole – in a way that I don’t imagine Glastonbury or T in the Park which aim towards a younger demographic would to such a large extent. I feel much more ‘part’ of the Greenbelt sub-culture – mainly of course due to the religion thing, whereas a lot of the New Age therapies and all of that sort of thing weren’t really my cup of tea. But, like Greenbelt, I can imagine the majority of WOMAD goers to be Guardian-reading-woolly-leftie-liberal-leaning-types, so at the end of the day I didn’t really feel out of place. There were a few more black faces around than at Greenbelt, but not as many as I thought there might be – it was still pretty white, really.

I said I’d mention the bathroom side of things. There were good and bad things, and of course I couldn’t help comparing to Greenbelt. The good thing about Greenbelt is that, as well as the portaloos, you’ve got your actual porcelain at the grandstand, so you can get away with not actually using the portaloos all that much. At WOMAD it was portaloos or nothing, and I didn’t think they were very well distributed – there were large banks of them at various places, but unlike Greenbelt where you have a few placed pretty regularly throughout the camping areas, you had to trek quite a way from the camping area to the loos (and I understand that the walk from the family camping area was even further, which I don’t think was very well planned). BUT (and this is a big but, hence the capitals), unlike Greenbelt where by Saturday morning the portaloos are absolutely minging, at WOMAD they did brilliantly in keeping them clean and (relatively) pleasant, and even on Monday morning when it was time to pack up they were perfectly acceptable. So massive applause has to go to the hygiene team, who did the most brilliant job. There were also alcohol gel dispensers to clean your hands, and toilet paper dispensers, which I appreciated – I think I would have liked the option of washing hands at a water point, like at GB, as WOMAD again had fewer water points, but on the whole I have to say the toilets were brilliant, considering they were portaloos being used by over 20,000 people.

The showers were different to Greenbelt, and there was a different system there too. The main good thing was that they were free and you didn’t have to book them in advance (see previous moan about missing Cara Dillon’s set because I was standing in the Greenbelt shower booking queue for nearly 2 hours). This did mean that in the morning the queues for the showers (the ladies anyway) was enormous, but we went for ours around 4.30 in the afternoon and walked straight in. The main bad thing was that they were communal (gender segregated obviously, but it was all the girls together, just like at school). As we were there in the afternoon they weren’t that crowded, but I still got a view of lots of bits and bobs that I really didn’t need to see. So, on balance, I think I have to declare that Greenbelt showers are better from the privacy point of view, and personally I’m happy to queue a bit and pay for that. I won’t be moaning about them again anyway!

* True story: a couple of years ago at Greenbelt, when HD and I had been going out for all of a couple of weeks, I went with him to that same coffee van and the woman recognised him from WOMAD a few weeks earlier and said “Americano?” without him asking, as he’d bought so many during WOMAD she remembered his tipple. I remember thinking then and there, I think I’m going to marry this guy. Which was a bit of a freaky thought, and not one I shared with him at the time (not wanting him to freak out and run away, and recognising that that’s the kind of thing I could be hideously wrong about!). And the rest is history. How about that?!


I’ve just bought my Greenbelt ticket!

We’re also planning on going to WOMAD later this month – really looking forward to that, very much. HD is a WOMAD regular, but I’ve only been once before, in the mid-90s, for just a day, when it was at Reading (now it’s somewhere in the West country apparently). The bands that I remember from last time were Shooglenifty (still going strong – we saw them at Celtic Connections last year and they were still brilliant) and the AfroCelt Sound System. There’s one person I’ve seen before on this year’s line-up (Johnny Kalsi – also seen at Celtic Connections) and a few acts that I’m really keen to see (amongst them Paprika Balkanicus, Martha Wainwright and Orchestra Baobab, and probably the ceilidh as well which features all sorts of interesting people including Shane McGowan), but mostly I’m looking forward to just dropping in on something I’ve never heard of and discovering lots of new stuff. Hooray!

interviews, language, ordinariness

Yesterday’s interview went well. Very well in fact. Two things really are the case when it comes to research in eastern Europe. 1. It’s not what you know it’s who you know, and 2. The world is a village. Everyone knows everyone. Which is very handy – if you can get your foot in the door with one person, it can open all sorts of other doors. This was a potentially extremely useful contact, so I’m really pleased. We knew a number of the same people in Romania, and she knew a number of people I’d tried (unsuccessfully) to contact in the past.

The trouble with making new contacts though is that there comes a point where you have to say this is enough, I could keep going with this but I have to actually stop and write something now. The thing about my subject being so interesting is that I don’t know how to identify that point or be disciplined enough to actually draw a line under it. I still want to keep wandering down all the interesting alleys and side-roads! But I also want to actually stop doing this at some point, hopefully in the next 2 years, so I’m going to have to figure this out somehow!

I did make it up to town for Romanian Language Day. I saw a couple of stages with traditional music and dancing going on, one with a sign proclaiming the prominence of the Romanian Language. Language is a huge political issue here in Moldova. The pro-Romanians on both sides of the border (possibly hankering after reunification) bang on about Romanian. The Romanian speakers who don’t want to be linked with Romania bang on about the language being Moldovan, and over many decades there’s been all sorts of debates and arguments about the differences between the two (as an outsider, the differences appear to me to be like the differences between UK and American English, but what do I know?). And both groups appear to be intent on annoying the Russians, and Ukrainians for that matter, both of whom are significant minorities here. Some signs are in Romanian and Russian (both are official languages in the country so all the signs on Important Buildings are bi-lingual), others (some street signs for example) are in Romanian in both latin and cyrillic scripts, and whatever the Romanian/Moldovan-promoters say, their accent is very Russian. Sometimes I have to listen very closely and people I’ve thought were talking in Russian were actually speaking Romanian (a very very different language). Fascinating stuff.

I’m still thinking through Greenbelt stuff. The theme was “Heaven in Ordinary”, and yet I had this nagging feeling all through the weekend (starting especially at the Trance Mass) that Ordinary isn’t enough. I think that’s probably why I howled all the way through the Mass. God’s on my case again. Argh.

Greenbelt (part 2)

Back in Wales now (I head back to Moldova at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning). HD is working from home so we are doing our familiar his ‘n’ hers laptops in the living room thing.

We actually left last night so I am blogging having actually had a decent night’s sleep (Sunday night/Monday morning’s sleep was not decent at all, too cold and our tent was on a lumpy slope so I had a ridge in my hip and kept waking up halfway down the tent). I’m trying not to think about going back tomorrow (argh, too much to do!) so will think about Greenbelt instead.

For me, I think this has been my best Greenbelt for ages. I encountered God, I met good people, I chilled out, I relaxed, and feel like life is pretty good right now. I’ve mentioned the Trance mass already which was wonderful, and other highlights include Kando Bongo Man (utterly joyful and infectious), a very interesting seminar by my old vicar on genealogy, the wibsite get-together (including getting together with kerensa of Lost in Translation and Real Life fame and fortune), meeting up with London church people on Monday, amongst lots of other highlights. Oh and Beer and Hymns! How could I forget Beer and Hymns? It was fabulous, and I agree with sophs that it really was worship at its best! Disappointed to miss Peterson Toscano though, everyone I know who went raved about it. But the queue was so long, it was full up long before we got anywhere near the venue.

There were some cool kites yesterday too, I took lots of pictures. I think the rainbow ray was my favourite, though the gecko was cool too.

Lowlight was probably the salsa – we were persuaded by a friend (who also went) that the salsa lesson was fun, so we pitched up to find the CMS tent heaving with people, and to be honest I didn’t think the teacher was very good – she probably hadn’t expected that many people, and seemed to be assuming either that everyone had at least a bit of a clue of what to do (we didn’t) or that we would pick it up really really quickly with minimal instruction (we didn’t). After not very long I had all sorts of flashbacks to school PE lessons when I was just as uncoordinated and dorky and just-not-getting-it, and so we left because I thought I would end up needing therapy if I stayed. So that was sad, but maybe we’ll try again some other time.

I think I need to write some streams of consciousness in my (occasional) (well, that’s an exaggeration – virtually unused more like) written diary about what happened inside this year, and maybe I’ll give you the selected highlights of that some other time. But yeah – a good Greenbelt this year, very good indeed. Looking forward to next year already.

Greenbelt (part 1, probably)

So here I am with my free half hour in the internet cafe (go on you Greenbelters who aren’t Angels, join up you know you want to – free half hour in the internet cafe and all sorts). Greenbelt is great so far – glorious sunshine (and not humid and sticky like Moldova, except in the tent, where it’s very very hot and sticky indeed), great people, I’ve already bumped into lots of ship and wibsite people, and been to more things already than I did over the whole weekend for the last few years!

Yesterday I went to the Trance Mass which was put on by Visions alt.worship church from York. I decided to go partly because I’m camping with Visions (it’s HD’s church, although he doesn’t actually live there), and because I knew I wanted to go to a communion service but the Sunday main communion service here usually winds me up. So I went, not really expecting to get that into it (I’m not the world’s clubbiest person, it has to be said), but after 5 minutes I was sobbing, it was amazing. I think after months of having peripheral God-contact to be confronted that directly with God was a bit overwhelming, and will take some processing I think. It meant I missed the opening 20 minutes of Billy Bragg’s set, but the bit I did hear was worth it, he was on form as usual. Today HD and I randomly wandered into a seminar where an author was talking about getting published – unlike most of the world I don’t have a novel inside me at all (maybe a boring textbook though), but it was a place out of the sun so as good a place as anywhere to chill out! I also saw Kathryn Williams (whom we saw at Celtic Connections in January) in the Performance Cafe, always a good place to catch good music, as usual she was great and lovely, and then I wandered along with C to the grandstand and took part in the Iona Community Big Sing – where a group of people from the Community teach the crowd a load of songs, in harmony, and then we all just sing them, it was great fun. Later on today’s list is comedy (Peterson Toscano) and music (Kanda Bongo Man, a Congolese musician who sounds great), and of course tomorrow the wibsite bash.

Most importantly though, today I had a shower. Hooray!

In other news, I meant to blog about my fabulous new toothbrush, but forgot, so I’ll tack it onto the end here. When I got to HD’s on Wednesday I found that my shampoo had exploded in my soap bag, and I discovered when I went to clean my teeth that the toothbrush had not escaped the explosion. The prospect of a soapy mouth twice a day was too much, so I bought a new one which is much more fancy and expensive than I’d usually go for (they didn’t have the cheap economy ones I normally go for). It has a thick fancy handle and a thing in the brush bit which makes it feel like my mouth is being massaged, it’s just wonderful – life will never be the same again!

Back in the UK

So, some of you on facebook have already noticed I’m back in the UK for my holiday – it’s wonderful to be here, but also very strange – familiar yet not what at all I’ve been used to these last few months. It nearly went pear-shaped though – I was transferring flights at Budapest, but with less than an hour between flights and a queue of transit passengers that was Very Very Long Indeed, I was starting to panic. Fortunately I managed to collar an airport worker who, when she heard I was on the Gatwick flight, whisked me through to the front of the queue (I’m such a VIP) and I got on the plane at the last minute! Phew!

Once in London I met up with HD (hooray!) and we went to the Tate Modern (where we had our first date, actually) and saw the Global Cities exhibition (Tractor Girl has already raved about it, and rightly so, it was excellent – if you get the chance then go, but it’s only on till this weekend). After that I was knackered (I’d got up up at 3.45 Moldova time, which was 1.45 UK time, so by the time we finished at the Tate I’d already been awake 12+ hours and was starting to flag. So we headed over to Paddington (somewhat hindered by the rubbish suitcase that I’d bought in Romania, which has almost fallen apart after only 2 big journeys, and which probably won’t survive another one) and are now back in sarf Wales. I’ve spent the day Greenbelt shopping, talking to the wedding dress shop (the dress has arrived. Unfortunately so have several centimetres on my waist and hips, argh), and catching up with my mum and dad. Tonight we’re eating out with HD’s sister and tomorrow we go to Greenbelt! I can’t wait (though we are massively unprepared and unpacked). See some of you there 😀