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Good day, bad day

Good: my thesis extension was granted, with no conditions. Hooray!

Bad: after yesterday’s close encounter of the 8-legged kind (discussed at great length on my facebook profile – basically I got up, was having a wee, turned my head and saw an ENORMOUS spider in the sink), today there was one (similar size) in my office. That’s never happened before. I was just about to leave to go home anyway, and it scuttled across the floor, so I have left it there and will have to brace myself to dare to open the door on Monday morning (where no doubt it will have either extensively reproduced and there’ll be a million of them in there, or it will have covered everything in a webby cocoon. Or with any luck will have found its way into somebody else’s office). The reason I was about to leave, earlier than usual, was another evil headache. I’m getting fed up of this now. I’m seriously thinking about buying an eye patch, as it’s nearly always (like, 95% of the time) on the same side of my head, just over and all round my left eye) and if I close the eye it’s so much more bearable, but keeping one eye open and one eye closed takes surprisingly large amounts of concentration, I’ve discovered. And then my friend sent me a photo by text, and it has completely buggered up my phone, so I now can’t send or receive texts or access my inbox, as it keeps going straight to the MMS template box instead expecting me to send pictures, AND I keep getting messages saying the memory is full, even though I’ve deleted tons of things as it’s far too complicated anyway and I just want another crappy Nokia half-brick as they do all I want and more and I know where I am with them. Needless to say I had a little cry at the bus-stop, it all just got a bit much 🙁

But – we have a shipmeet tomorrow (four of us have had birthdays ending in -0 this year, making a total of 150, so we are celebrating our 150th which has a nice pleasing ring to it – we won’t discuss who is the most ancient of this select band) (*weep*) so it will be fab to see people again. And hopefully the horse pills will have knocked the headache on the head (pun unintended) by then.

HD starts his new temp job on Monday. So is leaving here on Sunday, and we’ll be weekends-only for a while. Having very mixed feelings about that – happy he’ll have work, happy he’ll have money, happy he won’t have to deal with the Jobseekers’ Allowance lot for a while. Unhappy he’ll be a 5 hour drive away and only here for a couple of days a week, mildly unhappy that I’ll have to do a lot more cooking (!), unhappy that I’ll have to deal with any other 8 legged intruders by myself, but mostly unhappy that he’ll not be here. Sigh – just desperately wanting a decent employer (anywhere) to notice just what an asset he’d be and give him a full-time permanent job so we can settle at last (and I can have a good excuse to not be a health visitor for any longer than I have to – not that I am any closer to knowing when I start, never mind when I can stop!).


Yesterday and today my department hosted a research forum, with various partners from UK and overseas universities – in effect an informal conference. I gave a paper yesterday, and it was a really positive experience. My paper was way too long, but as there were only two of us on the panel and we had an hour and a half, we could both talk for longer than the allotted 20 minutes, and still had plenty of time for a really good discussion (even though there were only a handful of people in the audience). It left me feeling like actually I’m not so bad at this, I have got things to say, and I know that people who were there told people who weren’t that it was really good. So I’m feeling happy about that. I’m hoping to expand the paper I gave into a journal article, and will take a couple of weeks to do that in a week or so’s time (once I’ve finished the chapter that needs to be in next week, we’ll see if that happens).

Unfortunately though for both days I’ve had the headache from hell, that the tablets aren’t touching. I sent HD out on a mercy mission earlier for something stronger, so hopefully that will knock it on the head (pardon the pun).

In other news, I’m really really looking forward to the Eurovision final tomorrow. I was watching the semi-final yesterday on my laptop, and HD was minding his own business reading, but once I uttered the immortal words “Oh my word they’ve got dancing polar bears!” he was sucked into the cheese-fest as well. Everyone’s saying Norway are the favourites, and I’ve no doubt they’ll be there or thereabouts, but my own personal favourites for tomorrow are Germany, Moldova and Turkey. I’m a bit disappointed Holland didn’t get through, but there’s plenty more to laugh at so I’m sure it will be a good evening. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how Graham Norton gets on too as commentator – I know he can be a bit OTT, but I reckon he could be perfect for this. We’ll see.


Today was a bit of a write-off, and I was unable to enjoy this uncharacteristic good weather as the change in weather (and the arrival of some proper sun to go with the balmy 10 degree heatwave!) led to an evil headache. So I headed home after lunch and spent the afternoon in bed – still feeling a bit fragile but I’ve had worse headaches so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back to normal. I remember when I went to Romania the other year I spent the first couple of weeks with an almost permanent headache due to the air pressure change, it took me ages to adjust. I must be getting old.

Yesterday I had my penultimate day of tutorials. It wasn’t the greatest ever as tutorials go, but I did have an unexpected ‘pastoral moment’ where I was reminded of what I was good at when I was health visiting, how much I miss that side of things, and how if I get a job in academia (I’m looking at doing part-time nursing, part-time academia and some consultancy on the side, all of which will I think bring me closer to what I suspect my wider vocation might be) the aspect I will really enjoy is the pastoral, personal tutoring side of things. Not that I’m applying for anything yet, but I am starting to think about how to get a week’s worth of nursing-related study in in the next couple of months to get myself back on the register.

HD has a couple of phone interviews tomorrow; all prayers gratefully appreciated 🙂

I hate headaches

I had to go home after lunch today, as I was looking at the screen of my computer and seeing flashing lights and feeling sick, so thinking about my chapter (which was supposed to be in today) just wasn’t going to happen. On the bus, I sat in front of someone who was eating a burger and behind someone who smelt like they had washed with carbolic soap, and had to close my eyes, put my hand over my face and try not to heave as the smells from all sides were overwhelming (normally I’d just think “yuck, that smells” and that would be it, but when I’m in the grip of a headache, it just takes over and all I can think about is how horrible the smell is). I spent the afternoon in a dark room, dozing and dosed up with Migraleve. I felt better when I got up (at 6) but I find after a headache that it feels really weird for the rest of the day. I think they call it “migraine with aura” – it’s really hard to explain, the best I can do is to say it’s like standing on the edge of a cliff (or edge of anything, really). When I quiet myself down, I can feel myself rocking slightly, and eyelids flickering, and I could fall either way.


In other news, I have just found myself in my spam folder. It comes to something when even my own blog hates me! I’m still going to spam in quite a few blogs (Tractor Girl, check your spam folder), which is v. irritating. A girl could get paranoid.

In other other news, we went to a fantastic Celtic Connections gig last night. As with the best ones, the support acts were so good it felt like we’d got our money’s worth even before the main act came on. The main act this time was a Quebecois band called La Bottine Souriante (the support acts were another Quebecois band called Le Vent du Nord and an Irish singer called Julie Fowlis). All 3 acts were absolutely superb – pictures (which aren’t that brilliant, but not too bad) will be on my Glasgow photo blog next week. I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol so I know that the headache wasn’t hangover-related. I did try to read Foucault on the bus on the way to work this morning though, maybe that was what did it.