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Random miscellany

* I am rubbish at Scrabulous and am currently being slaughtered by derf.
* I know that teaching only one day a week isn’t that arduous, but I do hate Tuesdays.
* Glasgow’s Christmas lights are on, and are even more hideous than ever. I might take my camera into town soon and try to show you them in all their blinginess.
* I miss HD and am trying not to get stressed about the fact that Plan B has fallen through as well. When he gets here tomorrow we will have to think about a Plan C (but we will have a snog first).
* Because they don’t read banns in Scotland, I have to arrange to swear at a vicar in England soon and give him wads of cash. I wonder if he will take Royal Bank of Scotland one pound notes?
* 39 sleeps to go till the wedding 😀