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Life has been distinctly unblogworthy of late – that was going to change this weekend as we were due to go to York for a friend’s birthday party, but having foregone our Saturday lie-in this morning we got ourselves all packed and ready only to discover that Dudley (the Saab) wasn’t too well – a belt has snapped (I know *that* feeling!) and something else has jammed, and can’t be looked at until Monday at the earliest, and last-minute train fares were far too expensive, so I had my lie-in this afternoon instead, and instead of going to York the main excitement was going to our local Lidl for the first time (it opened 2 days ago). When I moved here and found that the local supermarket was a Somerfield I was a bit disappointed as I was used to the marginally more up-market Sainsburys/Tescos. Our Somerfield though closed 3-4 months ago and has only now re-emerged as a Lidl, and I’m now at the point where I feel that Somerfield is the height of sophistication in comparison, though to give Lidl its due, I do really appreciate that I can get pasta for 25p rather than £1.something and (hopefully – haven’t tried it yet but just about to) some reasonable-tasting wine for under a fiver.

What about other news? Work-wise, now that I’ve looked at the comments of the peer reviewers I’m at a bit of a loss to know where to start. They only have minimal suggestions for the substance of the article (that’s good), but also want to know a ton of information about my methodology. Having already just about hit the word limit for the article, I’m not entirely sure how to also include information that took 10K words when I wrote my methodology chapter. Sigh, I’m sure it will all work out, but it will require some creativity.

Also work-wise, I have seen a few jobs to apply for (one in the same town as a job HD has applied for, but mostly not, which is a bit of a stress). Today I saw one in Shetland. Which is kind of tempting, though I suspect the weather would be a bit “character-building”.

Finally, this made me laugh today, it reminded me of me and HD. Well, the “lack of hot abs” mainly reminded me of me, if I’m honest, but anyway:

cute pictures of puppies with captions
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Advent and tradition

A number of blogs today have posts (of varying levels of profundity) about today being the start of Advent, and it being a time of watching and waiting. See for example, Cal (hmm, blogger isn’t letting me link to the specific post – it’s the 30th Nov one), Folkie and Tractor Girl. Also, rain writes about her grandmother’s tradition of collecting santas and how she has continued this now that she’s put her tree up after Thanksgiving.

So, just to lower the tone somewhat I thought I’d report on our Advent and what looks like it is going to become a Christmas tradition in our house. I already mentioned a few posts ago that we have the alpaca on the top of the tree and with the addition of Miss Lisa’s kookaburra from Tasmania we may well start adding critters from around the world to our tree. So that’s one tradition.

Last Christmas (just a few days before we got married) we were stuffed and bloated after lunch and wanting to be as relaxed as possible before the wedding madness started. One of the things we ended up doing was looking at the lolcats blog and we read pretty much every page (I think there were about 100 pages or so at that point) and howling with laughter. We’ve kept on reading it throughout this year, but yesterday when we got back from the shipmeet HD looked all sheepish and said “This might sound a bit silly, but …” and I couldn’t imagine what he was going to come out with. He continued ” … I think we ought to stop looking at icanhascheezburger.com for Advent.” I got it immediately – after Christmas lunch, we’ll have a mammoth lolcats (and loldogs) session, and it looks like that’s our next Christmas tradition sorted. We’re so spiritual 😀

(I’m hoping to write more profoundly about Advent and Christmas at some point, to rescue this blog from total absurdity).

In other news, another great google hit: “PhD rabbit in headlights”. Yup.