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Dog collarage

To (almost) the other end of the M8 yesterday evening, to see Derf – or should I now say, Rev. Derf (well technically The Dr. Rev. Derf, but she’s decided against that for thoroughly understandable reasons!) being received into her new congregation/circuit/parish (they’re a bit complicated, these Methodist types!). What a lovely evening. As soon as I walked in and saw her over the other side of the room in her dog collar I got all weepy (I’m still getting all weepy thinking about it), and although I did hold it together during the service, every time I looked at her I got all emotional. Just seeing someone doing what they were born to do, what a wonderful thing 🙂

The spread the congregations put on after the service was a wonderful thing as well 😀

Wishing Rev. Derf every joy and happiness in her new ministry.


This evening my rector from church came round, as part of the slightly ad hoc thing we’ve cobbled together as preparation for my confirmation/affirmation/whatever which will happen at some vague point in the future. And a lovely evening it was too, discussing the history of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and present-day issues facing it (and the Anglican Communion more widely), and a bit of the history of our own church (hereinafter referred to as St Frodo’s, a sort of a word association thing that works for me but hopefully won’t out me or the church too easily). He also touched upon our previous discussion about vocation, and scarily both he and the curate (with whom he had discussed our conversation, with my knowledge I should add!) think that Ministry Of Some Description may well be where God is calling me. They have also come up with a suggestion as to someone who could help me explore those issues, someone whom it turns out I have briefly met so I can put a face to the name, and have left it with me to think and pray about this week to see if I would like them to approach him on my behalf. Eek.

However, in the immediate term my more pressing cause for panic is to learn a year’s worth of Russian vocab and grammar for Wednesday’s (eek) exam. Revision is Not Going Well. Romanian comes so much more naturally, I guess because I have used it in everyday interactions and read the papers daily and all the rest of it. Russian has, right from the start, just been a paper exercise, which I guess is why I just haven’t got the same connection with it. Argh.