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Introducing NellyO

I took the plunge and have started a blipfoto daily(ish) photo blog. Sadly Nelly as a name was already taken, so I added the O (the ‘O’ is of no significance – much like the blog then!). I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t take a photo every day, but I enjoy the snapping so will see how it goes.

Chas I haven’t quite figured out how to subscribe to other blipfoto blogs yet (will play around with it in a bit). I am going to link this one to facebook though so hopefully they will appear there without me having to do anything.

Name that blog

I am finding, 4 days into the new year, that I am missing Project365. Although I must say that having snapped pretty much every inanimate object in our house I am not missing getting to the end of the day and racking my brains trying to think of *something* original! I am enjoying seeing other people’s 365s (quite a few friends, including of course Auntie Doris, are doing it this year).

I have decided I am going to get a Blipfoto blog and although I won’t do a strict 365 I will put photos up there as close to daily as I manage. However, what is putting me off starting is that I can’t for the life of me think what to call it! So I invite any suggestions in the comments, hopefully you will make me laugh even if you don’t come up with the actual title.

The only name I can think of is “Nelly”, which is a silly name for a blog. When we were at my parents’ last week, the conversation came round to pet names, and my mum asked if we had pet names for each other (we don’t particularly, other than HD here). HD did though suggest calling me Nelly (because I trump trump trump. I blame the brussels). Anyway now I can’t get the name out of my head. Save me from myself, help me come up with something more suitable!

Quick icon query

So, I’ve uploaded a picture to use as my wibsite icon.ย  The original picture is of a slice of chocolate cake from our wedding reception.ย  However, I am a bit concerned that, resized to 48×48, it looks more like a turd.ย  Please could you take a look at the wibsite front page where you’ll find the icon, and let me know if I’m just imagining it.ย  Thank you!


Shiny new blog

Itโ€™s amazing how you donโ€™t realise blogging means so much to you till you canโ€™t do it any more. Anyway, welcome to my new shiny wiblog, and thanks to Chris, Rhys and Dave for sorting out the switchover from the old wibsite to the new one. Check out the whole site โ€“ isnโ€™t it shiny?

I’m not sure if I’ll keep this format or if I’ll play around with it a bit more, but I’ll have fun deciding anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I’ve written a couple of blog entries while we had the week off (how sad am I?!) but will need to download some photos before I can put them up.

In the meantime – *does twirl* – does my blog look big in this?

Memory Lane

Ian has already spotted it, but having meant to do this for months, I have finally got round to starting a Sibiu photo blog. I’m really enjoying doing Glasgow Daily Photo, and am carrying on with that, but I thought that as I took so many pictures when I was in Sibiu last year doing a Sibiu blog as well would be really fun too. I absolutely adored Sibiu (I guess you might have noticed), and miss it a lot, so I’m going to enjoy reliving these pictures – especially as lots of them have blue sky and sun and dry weather, all of which it has to be said are distinctly lacking this summer!

I did worry a bit about the time commitment – going out and getting up to date pictures for the Glasgow blog is sometimes quite time-consuming, and sometimes if I’m really busy it feels like a bit of a chore. But overall I do enjoy the community that has built up with the various city daily photo blogs, and I have a core of regular commenters who are really fun, and so I’m glad to continue. I do think though that Sibiu will take less time – after all, I already have the photos ready and waiting to go! The first post was today, and the blog is here: Sibiu Daily Photo (I’ll link to it in the blogroll to the left too).

Who am I trying to kid? I’m supposed to start writing up my thesis soon. It’s pure procrastination! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it’ll be constructive procrastination, as it will get me into the Romania vibe, which will be good for my frame of mind when writing up. Or something ๐Ÿ˜€

Glasgow bloggage

I’ve just started a new blog (as I’ve been meaning to for ages): Glasgow Daily Photo. The Daily Photo thing seems to be quite a community, and in the time that I’ve been thinking about joining in with it I’ve found I’ve been looking much more closely at the city and appreciating what a great place it is. Neds notwithstanding.

And, I also just discovered this morning a hilarious blog by an American woman who lives in Glasgow – Long Aye-lander in Glasgow. She writes brilliantly, and as a fellow non-Weegie I have to say that I think she has Glasgow culture spot-on.

Christ Church bloggy stuff

At some point reasonably soon, Mary is, God and Bishop-willing, going to be ordained as an OLM. I’m sure she’d appreciate prayers (and her loyal fans would appreciate a blog update ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). [3rd attempt, hopefully the link will work now]

Intrepid Expat has finally arrived in Khartoum, and has started blogging – hooray! I’m sure she’d be happy to be prayed for too.

And Jane (blog pending, I hope) (*spot the subliminal subtle hint*) is off to vicar factory, today I think – definitely pray for her.

As for me – I fly to Romania a week today, and to the UK 2 weeks today! Will everything be done in time? Will I defeat the dastardly Man Flu before I leave? Will the Sibiu internet cafe staff remember me and greet me like a long-lost friend? Will I overcome my pathological phone phobia and speak to all the remaining scary people (who are fine and normal and lovely really)? Stay tuned ….


Hello. Nothing much to report here, but imagine my excitement when I took a peek at the wibsite today and found a fabulous new blog: Lost In Translation. It feels strange talking about real-life and virtual friends when lots of people on the wibsite are now real-life friends and there’s nothing virtual about them, but anyway Kerensa is a real real-life friend (and may even have featured in occasional tales on this very blog, you never know) (including the now-infamous ironing incident) and I am one of her biggest fans, so am really happy she’s here.

I may regale you with (selected) tales of her wonderfulness at some point. But I wouldn’t want to make her blush (yet).