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4th Anniversary

Today it is 4 years to the day that HD and I got married. He still makes me go all goofy.

This is one of my favourite pictures from the day, taken by a friend:


This is the song we danced to at our wedding (all nearly 7 minutes of it!!!). The lyrics are here. It’s an amazing song which stops me in my tracks every time. I have also found rereading the lyrics quite comforting – after both starting and ending the year with a shocking bereavement on Ship of Fools. Miserere, yes.

2011 Project365 (day361)

27th December 2011

Readers of a certain vintage will remember I spent many happy hours in London pottering around my garden and making it beautiful, it is one of the things I miss most since leaving (over 6 years ago – how did that happen?!). Now in our new house the garden is a lot smaller (we have a small front garden, and a back court which at some point we will fence our bit off so that we can build some raised beds and create a nice outdoor space for the summer), but it is ours all ours. My friend the media darling, whose cuttings and spare bulbs played such a big part in my London garden, sent me some bulbs for Christmas, so today I planted them out in the first bit of proper gardening I have done since getting here. I am so excited! A bonus was that the vendors, as well as all the silly and bizarre and inconvenient stuff they left, also left behind a compost bin with some beautiful homemade compost which has added to the pleasure – it was crumbly, moist and beautifully rotted down, I’m really chuffed with it! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a lid so I can’t put my food waste there (will have to sort a new bin out for that) but it is great to keep me going till I can start making my own.

They may look a bit dull at the moment, but come March/April time they will hopefully be a riot of red. I am bound to forget by then what they all are, so here’s my note to self: the round pot has 4 Triumph Tulip Lucky Strike, and the long one has 12 Anemone Coronaria Hollandia. 🙂

2011 Project365 (day342)


This was a very very welcome sight indeed after a 3 hour journey home (I took a few hours annual leave to leave early). Scotland is facing 90mph winds today and it is hideous out there. There are some photos from around Scotland here.

I have seen online that lots of the locals are referring to the weather as ‘Hurricane Bawbag’. This made me laugh (probably because I am very immature).

2011 Project365 (day338)

4th December 2011

I haven’t shown many Stirling views yet, so here’s one to rectify that. This is the view across the Forth river up to the Wallace Monument. We’ve had a dusting of snow today, it was too wet to settle much but now it’s getting cold so I wouldn’t be surprised if the melting slush freezes overnight. That’s something to look forward to! (not).

We have bought a car, and pick it up next week. I was hoping to borrow a friend’s car for this week, but she phoned this afternoon to say her car is making worrying noises so she has to take it to the garage tomorrow. I am beginning to think I am the Angel of Death to cars! Might have to take some previously unplanned annual leave this week ….

2011 Project365 (day334)

30th November 2011

Not, it has to be said, the world’s most flattering photo of me, but anyway here I am at the Glasgow STUC march up in the city centre earlier today. Public sector workers throughout the UK were striking today – there’s a Comment is Free article about it here.

I ended up marching with a different placard – much as I agree with the sentiment of this one, it was too big and as it was a bit windy I was worried I was going to end up bopping my fellow marchers on the head with it!