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2011 Project365 (days349-350)

16th December:


The Salvation Army furniture project came and took away some of the excess furniture left by the vendor today, here is some of it waiting for the pickup. They didn’t take all of it (they have hundreds of irons and kettles that aren’t selling, apparently), and I’m sad to report that the lovely painting of Sylvester Stallone which I had hidden under the microwave in the hope it would get lifted has been left behind.

I also found one of the vendor’s X-rays today! Just when I think there’s nothing weird left to be found.

In other news, I had an interview today for a job I really wanted – didn’t get it but they liked me and may offer me some sessional work to build up my experience; they also offered to meet me in the new year to discuss my career plans. So I can take lots of positives from it, but I am disappointed today. I’ll get over myself soon enough, but in the meantime the sloths from the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica have been cheering me up. [More sloth love here].

15th December:

15th December 2011

I received this CD in the post – addressed to me, at the new address (so a finite number of people know I’m here), but no indication at all as to who it was from (it was sent by the shop). I’m enjoying the mystery – who could it be from? Santa works in mysterious ways, clearly. If it was from you, thank you, I like it very much! 🙂

Think again

We were meant to be going to York for the weekend to see friends, but unfortunately Dudley (the Saab) has a little problem with one of his wheels so we can’t drive until it’s sorted out, and it was too late to get a train ticket that didn’t cost a fortune. So we shall have to think of something else to do instead.

HD gave me a present today. He had originally planned on giving it to me tomorrow, but as it’s possibly the most unromantic present ever he thought better of it and gave me it today instead. It’s a really cool present though (don’t click if you’re of a sensitive disposition) – one of these. I could really have done with one of these on Cumbrae the other week, it was far too cold to drop my pants behind a random bush so I had to hold on for ages!

Whoever said romance was dead?!