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Procrastination and Advent

I have a new favourite Google query – someone found my blog today by asking Professor Google the following:

“What is meant by procrastination?”

Welcome!  You’re so in the right place! 😀

In other news, I have kept meaning to blog something profound about Advent (at least, profounder than the fact that we have given up lolcats till Christmas Day, which is the extent of my Advent blogging so far).  But I’m really struggling.  I guess I’m just going through a rather dry patch faith-wise, which, combined with a bonkers lifestyle where I don’t know if I’m on foot or horseback means that I’ve only been to church once this Advent (last weekend) and I don’t feel remotely like I’ve stopped and considered what it is we’re anticipating.

I don’t seem to be having any problems praying for other people (I’m struggling praying for myself and HD, which is why I keep asking you lot to pray for us!).  But in terms of a personal experience of the wonder of the season – hasn’t happened yet.  I suspect that I might though start to get the tingles/back-of-neck-hair-raising at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve – St Frodo’s Midnight Mass always does it for me.  Maybe that’s what Advent is for me – anticipating another time when the coming Christ is a tangible reality rather than a dry intellectual concept.  I hope this coming Christmas is the start of that – I’m running on empty in enough areas of my life already, it would be good if my faith at least was flowing rather than ebbing for a while.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Packing up

I am having (another) break from packing up our stuff down south.  HD’s job finishes here this week and we want to bring as much of our stuff back up as possible.  I just cannot believe how much we have accumulated, given that we are living in just one room.  The in-laws’ place (or at least this room) must be a Tardis.  Unfortunately we are taking all our stuff back to the Stately Pile, which is definitely not a Tardis.  I wonder when we’ll next get to see our floor?


I have 2 minutes to write this before going back to work.  So I shall just say that I am having fun revisiting my old blog entries and adding tags and stuff – and am very relieved to see that, of the entries I have tagged so far, I have written more about the thesis than anything else (which is, after all, the point of this blog).  Every time I award myself a little break I am doing a month of tags – only 48 more breaks to go! 🙂

If only I’d written as much OF the thesis as I had ABOUT it.  Small, but very very important difference.  Sigh.

[P.S. Thanks for all the sympathy.  I’m not 100% yet, but feel so much better today.  And at least I know where to come when I need sympathy again]

Productivity – in my head

I’m supposed to get another draft chapter to my supervisors by the end of this week.  Thus far I have written the grand total of 0 words (I’m aiming for 10,000).

I do sort of know what I want to write.  But usually I have a long period of thinking about things and writing notes and lists and stuff, and then having a lightbulb moment followed by a couple of days of mad but inspired writing, and that usually is sufficient for draft chapter purposes.  Unfortunately this time I appear to have missed the lightbulb.  I hope it switches itself on tomorrow, otherwise the next couple of days could be a bit angst-ridden.  I do feel I’ve been fairly productive today in the thinking department, but I really must sort out putting it down on paper.  I’ll be fine once I start, but it’s just the getting round to starting.

It’s kind of like going swimming or to the gym.  I’ll think of every excuse not to go, and moan and whinge to myself all the time I’m getting into my swimming costume or gym gear, but when I do eventually get round to going I always enjoy it and I always feel good afterwards.  But the anticipation of starting, of going, is such a negative thing that I put it off as long as possible, and sometimes the putting-off process is too long.  So if you see me online tomorrow or Friday, feel free to poke me with a sharp stick and tell me to get on with it.

Ooh la la!

I blogged ages ago about buying a book related to something to do with my PhD that was in French (the book, not my PhD – I would quite like to finish it this century!), and that I was a bit nervous about reading it. I have now started it and it’s proving not too bad – I’d do it a lot quicker if it was in Romanian rather than French, but I’m glad that I haven’t totally lost all my French, and in fact I’m finding that just reading it without looking up every single word is giving me the gist of what is going on, and it is being helpful in my thinking. So that’s good – I’m rather pleased with myself 🙂

In other news, I wonder how many times I will think, just after lunch, “I’ll just lie down for 5 minutes” and then wake up an hour or two later, before I learn that I really don’t just lie down for 5 minutes.

Memory Lane

Ian has already spotted it, but having meant to do this for months, I have finally got round to starting a Sibiu photo blog. I’m really enjoying doing Glasgow Daily Photo, and am carrying on with that, but I thought that as I took so many pictures when I was in Sibiu last year doing a Sibiu blog as well would be really fun too. I absolutely adored Sibiu (I guess you might have noticed), and miss it a lot, so I’m going to enjoy reliving these pictures – especially as lots of them have blue sky and sun and dry weather, all of which it has to be said are distinctly lacking this summer!

I did worry a bit about the time commitment – going out and getting up to date pictures for the Glasgow blog is sometimes quite time-consuming, and sometimes if I’m really busy it feels like a bit of a chore. But overall I do enjoy the community that has built up with the various city daily photo blogs, and I have a core of regular commenters who are really fun, and so I’m glad to continue. I do think though that Sibiu will take less time – after all, I already have the photos ready and waiting to go! The first post was today, and the blog is here: Sibiu Daily Photo (I’ll link to it in the blogroll to the left too).

Who am I trying to kid? I’m supposed to start writing up my thesis soon. It’s pure procrastination! 😉 But it’ll be constructive procrastination, as it will get me into the Romania vibe, which will be good for my frame of mind when writing up. Or something 😀


I’m meant this afternoon to be rejigging the scary conference talk I gave the other month, as I am presenting a version of it next week at another conference. At the same time I’m meant to be turning the conference talk into a journal article (to be published in a postgrad e-journal – nothing too prestigious so don’t be too impressed!). As usual I’m being hampered by a number of factors.

1. Laziness.
2. Apathy.
3. Fear.
4. The e-journal’s utter lack of instructions concerning word limit, etc.
5. Lack of guidance from the conference about processes for submitting the paper as a journal article.

I don’t know why the first three are a problem. It’s not like I’m writing it from scratch. 4 and 5 are just irritating, and providing justification for me sitting here whingeing rather than just getting on with it. Sigh.

Splutter, bleurgh

I’m sure this happened last time too – today the essays I’m going to spend all next week marking are being handed in, and I really feel like I’m coming down with the lurgy. I have a sore throat and a bit of a cough, and a fuzzy headed feeling too. It’s probably all psychosomatic, but is giving me even more ammunition in my “I don’t wanna be a teacher” campaign. It’s bad for your health – official.

I’ve just submitted an abstract to speak at a conference in September (it’ll be a rehash of the talk I will be doing at the end of this month at Scaryconference), and requested a form to do another rehash of the same talk at another conference in June. I have also spent some time doing a (much-needed) sort-out and organisation of my university emails, but really I didn’t have to do it today. It’s just that with the essays being in today, and so me spending all next week marking, I have to finish my conference talk by tomorrow, so the procrastination mechanism is in full flow. When I get home I shall do the ironing and housework, and then wonder why I’m stressed tomorrow.