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2011 Project365 (days363-365)

I can’t believe I’ve managed it (well, with 2 or 3 days I forgot but made up). This is it for now 🙂

31st December:

31st December 2011

Here we are, with less than an hour to go! Happy new year!

(as an aside, I have no idea what is happening with my hairline, I’m sure I didn’t have that much forehead!).

30th December:

30th December 2011

This is the Christmas tree we have inherited from my mum and dad. They bought it for their first Christmas as a married couple, in 1966, so this is my childhood tree, I’m so excited!

29th December:

29th December 2011

We spent our anniversary driving down south to see family. We stopped at the Llama Karma Kafe on the way for lunch, and found Santa running away from a hungry llama.

2011 Project365 (day361)

27th December 2011

Readers of a certain vintage will remember I spent many happy hours in London pottering around my garden and making it beautiful, it is one of the things I miss most since leaving (over 6 years ago – how did that happen?!). Now in our new house the garden is a lot smaller (we have a small front garden, and a back court which at some point we will fence our bit off so that we can build some raised beds and create a nice outdoor space for the summer), but it is ours all ours. My friend the media darling, whose cuttings and spare bulbs played such a big part in my London garden, sent me some bulbs for Christmas, so today I planted them out in the first bit of proper gardening I have done since getting here. I am so excited! A bonus was that the vendors, as well as all the silly and bizarre and inconvenient stuff they left, also left behind a compost bin with some beautiful homemade compost which has added to the pleasure – it was crumbly, moist and beautifully rotted down, I’m really chuffed with it! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a lid so I can’t put my food waste there (will have to sort a new bin out for that) but it is great to keep me going till I can start making my own.

They may look a bit dull at the moment, but come March/April time they will hopefully be a riot of red. I am bound to forget by then what they all are, so here’s my note to self: the round pot has 4 Triumph Tulip Lucky Strike, and the long one has 12 Anemone Coronaria Hollandia. 🙂

2011 Project365 (days355-358)

24th December:

24th December 2011

This is our local parish church, and is where we will be heading for the midnight service (at 11.30, go figure). I thought I’d better take the picture early, as there is a yellow alert for rain on Christmas Day, and the rain has already started.

23rd December:

23rd December 2011

I did my last minute Christmas shopping, on the way back the sun was really low in the sky, I loved these silhouetted trees.

22nd December:

22nd December 2011

This Christmas card was designed by our niece.

21st December:

21st December 2011

Looks like Christmas is coming 🙂

2011 Project365 (days351-352)

18th December:

18th December 2011

At last, we have nearly finished our Christmas shopping. This was Stirling city centre this afternoon, looking a lot less stressful and full than I expect Glasgow would have been.

17th December:

17th December 2011

We had a half day adventure exploring Dundee (I’d never been there before). We spent most of the afternoon exploring the museum and ship RSS Discovery which is the ship in which Scott made his first trip to the Antarctic. It was fascinating, well worth a visit I thought. And as an added bonus I was pleased with quite a few of my pictures. It was getting dark by the time we left the museum and looked round the ship – here you can see the Tay road bridge in the background on the left, and is that Venus in the sky?

The main reason for going to Dundee was to see Surfing and Tractor Girl at Surfing’s Christmas party. Thanks we had a lovely evening (and the mulled fruit punch was delicious!).

2011 Project365 (days349-350)

16th December:


The Salvation Army furniture project came and took away some of the excess furniture left by the vendor today, here is some of it waiting for the pickup. They didn’t take all of it (they have hundreds of irons and kettles that aren’t selling, apparently), and I’m sad to report that the lovely painting of Sylvester Stallone which I had hidden under the microwave in the hope it would get lifted has been left behind.

I also found one of the vendor’s X-rays today! Just when I think there’s nothing weird left to be found.

In other news, I had an interview today for a job I really wanted – didn’t get it but they liked me and may offer me some sessional work to build up my experience; they also offered to meet me in the new year to discuss my career plans. So I can take lots of positives from it, but I am disappointed today. I’ll get over myself soon enough, but in the meantime the sloths from the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica have been cheering me up. [More sloth love here].

15th December:

15th December 2011

I received this CD in the post – addressed to me, at the new address (so a finite number of people know I’m here), but no indication at all as to who it was from (it was sent by the shop). I’m enjoying the mystery – who could it be from? Santa works in mysterious ways, clearly. If it was from you, thank you, I like it very much! 🙂

2011 Project365 (days346-348)

14th December:

14th December 2011

Since watching The Big Bread Experiment on iPlayer last week HD has been on a bit of a breadmaking mission. He has two loaves on the go at the moment, both different variations of spelt bread. Here they are sitting on the radiator to rise a bit before baking. The last loaf he made didn’t seem to rise in the time it was supposed to so he left it on the radiator overnight, we were a bit worried that it would take over the living room but it rose perfectly and was delicious. I had a very amusing facebook conversation about this, I mentioned that any and all of my previous attempts at breadmaking were hopeless and the bread was inedible, and I was mortified that a schoolfriend remembered how rubbish I was at cookery at school. Honestly, you’d think after 30 years the memory would have faded. I tried really hard, but let’s just say I was never a natural. My family still go on about it (particularly the salty jam tart), though to be fair they did have to eat it.

13th December:

13th December 2011

New uplighter.

12th December:

12th December 2011

Cookies (delicious: I didn’t cook them, obviously!).