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2011 Project365 (day255)

12th September 2011

Today in Scotland we have had a bit of a battering from the tail end of Hurricane Katia (though I am well aware, and very thankful, that it is nothing compared to the battering that the US east coast got). Here is Queen’s Park this evening, the winds and rain had dropped a bit but it was still very brooding. There’s more forecast for tomorrow.

This isn’t actually a black & white picture – I took this one and a B&W one and they looked exactly the same! But if you have your screen at the right angle you’ll see the green in the grass.

2011 Project365 (day236)

24th August 2011

I’ve had a funny old day today. I had a job interview yesterday, I am not confident at all that I was successful (I am pretty sure I would have heard by today if I had been) and although I think I did fine and didn’t make an arse of myself, nevertheless it is a bit deflating. I was already feeling a little deflated as I have learnt that the two new OU courses that I had been interviewed for, whilst they considered me ‘appointable’, the realities of student numbers mean that they are not able to actually appoint me this time. We are also having (hopefully only) mild hassles (which of course I am being an utter drama queen about) related to trying to get a mortgage, and so all in all I am feeling really ‘meh’ about things.

But taking this picture made me feel better. Green and wet. Scotland in miniature. We are so lucky to be living here in this beautiful place, and have so much to be thankful for.

2011 Project365 (days189-190)

9th July:

9th July 2011

Queen’s Park is nerd heaven this weekend, lots of model boat clubs messing about on the pond.

8th July:

8th July 2011

This is from our work night out last night – in the preparation for some time beforehand, it was a charity night in memory of a colleague who died from cancer, with all money raised going to the Maggie’s Centre in Glasgow. Three of my colleagues were part of a band, and were absolutely fantastic, despite the copious amounts of Dutch Courage swilled beforehand! I’m not sure what the total amount raised was, but it was well over £1000. I know I moan about my job, but my colleagues really are the best.

2011 Project365 (days160-161)

10th June:

10th June 2011

It’s a Friday park photo again! 🙂 I liked the reflection of the sky and clouds in the little pond (you can also see the big pond in the background). It was even clearer a few seconds before I took this, but then a duck swam through it (couldn’t they see I was there with my camera!?).

9th June:

9th June 2011

We were up in the west end yesterday evening, a bit early and had a few minutes to kill so we had a quick wander around the Kibble Palace. It’s such a cool building, and a dream for the photographer!

On the way home we were almost at the station when HD suggested we go to the Arches (a venue near the station) as he had read in the Metro that there was a gig on by Eliza Carthy. So we did, we ate there first (I’m still full, and still a bit bewildered about the kedgeree risotto which apparently has fish in it at lunchtime but not in the evening menu – whatever, it didn’t have fish and it was delicious), and then went to the gig in the basement. Upstairs was another gig, by a band called Ladytron, who were very loud, but Eliza folked out in style and it was a fantastic gig. Which is more than can be said for my photos! I’ve posted this link up on facebook already, but anyway for the uninitiated here is Eliza doing what she does best: Mr Magnifico.