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Happy new year!

I’ll have to try and think of interesting things to write now I’m not doing the daily photo thing 🙂

We saw our niece being baptised today, that was a lovely start to the year.

And now I can feel my first zit of the year coming, that’s not so lovely. I’m far too old for that sort of thing.

I have some resolutions – professional ones (get a research job, get published etc) and of course the usuals, which basically boil down to eat less and exercise more. I’d like to explore a bit more and have some adventures. And we could do with finding a church to settle in.

I’m thinking about doing a short photography course too (an Open Uni one, as I get my fees waived).

I think that will do. Let adventures commence 🙂


Having read Kerensa’s impressive reading quest and Tractor Girl’s plan for her blog in the next year I have got musing about the new year and resolutions and suchlike. Dith has a pre-40 list which she is already starting to achieve. I vaguely remember writing at the end of last year or beginning of this year that I didn’t want to end the year as a health visitor – mmm, I did well there then! I may have said something about reading the bible a bit more too, mmm, I did about as well at that as I did about changing jobs.

So, next year. Must do better. Here’s a list of “I’d likes” rather than “I resolve to”. I may be no more successful than last year, but if I present it as a wish list rather than a resolution list I’ll feel less of a failure at the end of the year 🙂 Anyway, in no particular order:

1) Read at least one piece of fiction a month. Book group will help with this, as will not having to write a thesis. But it will still be a challenge and will involve me reorganising my personal time (and spending less time on the internet).

2) Read the bible more (hmmm sounds familiar). Daily is ideal but really unrealistic for me, so I’ll say weekly and I’ll try to listen to more of the Pray as you go podcasts. I’ll read Tractor Girl’s blog too, as she’s actually going to be doing the hard work.

3) Get a couple of articles published. The book for which I wrote a chapter ages and ages ago has just been published (hooray!), but I haven’t yet got a copy. I am writing another chapter which needs to be with the editors in a presentable state by the end of March, so I’m going to have to sit down and work out exactly when I’m able to actually sit down and write. I also have a few journal articles brewing from the thesis (including one I wrote ages ago and never submitted, and which I now want to rewrite). It would be good to get a couple accepted.

4) Lose weight. Sigh. Actually, inspired by regular reader Sigrun I am planning on making 2011 more-or-less teetotal (with the exception of celebrating a passed PhD at some point soon, hopefully, and any wedding toast if people are kind enough to invite us to a wedding). That’s not just for weight reasons, but hopefully losing those extra calories won’t hurt in the waistline department. And once I’ve got through the mountain of chocolate we were given for Christmas (I may let HD help) I need to cut down on that too. Again.

5) Figure out what I’m going to do when I grow up.

6) Explore more of Scotland (especially more islands if we can). I’m going to enjoy that one.

7) I think that will do for now. I’ll be happy if I achieve half of them.

I had thought about changing the blog name. But as Kerensa has pointed out recently, I am starting another course in January (note to self: send the form back!) so that’s me a student till May 2012, albeit part-time. At my 6th university. Definitely the last. So no name change (besides, given half of my blog hits are for searches on “maturest sex”, changing the name would lose me a ton of readers).

And another one!

I knew there was a resolution I’d forgotten!  But as I faced temptation today I remembered I’d better list it too!

* No non-work related internet during work hours.

I managed to procrastinate today by tidying up my bookshelves in the office and putting them into some kind of order (in my defence, it’s needed doing for ages!).  But apart from a large pile of articles that need filing, I think that will be the end of that particular procrastinatory exercise, and then I’m going to have to get down to some work as I’ll have no more excuses. I can’t even mark any more essays, as no more late ones have come in (this is unheard of, and probably why it is snowing throughout much of the UK – though not here (yet), ironically).

This week I shall mostly be doing some reading and preparation for a study day we are hosting on Friday for one of the special interest groups of the Association of People Who Study My Sort of Thing – I am co-facilitating one of the sessions and am feeling woefully underprepared.  With good reason, I really am woefully underprepared.  I shall also be making a start on turning my paper from last month’s conference in Helsinki into an article as they are wanting to publish a selection of papers from the conference and I think it would do me good to get into the habit of writing for publication.  I think that’s the main reason why I’m tidying the office though – I’ll be fine once I start, but it’s just the starting that’s so traumatic!

New Year

IMGP6379 We had a really lovely new year which we spent with some friends in York. After an amazing meal cooked by one friend we walked up to York Minster with a bottle of champagne and saw in the New Year with several thousand drunk people! One of our friends there is a bell ringer who has rung before at the Minster for New Year, so she was really looking forward to hearing the bells, but once the first “Bong” of midnight sounded the cheering and whatnot was so loud you couldn’t hear a thing!


A couple of days later we headed further south, firstly to see my parents and then to see HD’s parents and pick up the last of our stuff. My mum is recovering really well from her op – she showed me her war wounds and they are healing really nicely. We got back to Glasgow yesterday, and today the early alarm so that I could get a good amount of work done at work was a bit of a shock to the system, though not as bad as it could have been I guess (I’m expecting it to get cumulatively worse as the week progresses.  Groan). One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try to do at least a 9-5 day Monday to Friday at work as I really need to get my act together for a much more important resolution, which is to finish the thesis in 2009! I arrived at work at exactly the same time as the guy who shares my office (well, I suppose I should say I share his office as he was there before me!), it turns out that we have exactly the same resolution! (the 9-5 one anyway, he’s still got 3 years of his PhD to go). He reckons he’ll last till Wednesday, I’m at least giving myself till the end of the week!

Talking of resolutions, my various ones this year are (in no particular order):

* Finish and submit my thesis in 2009.
* 9-5 Monday to Friday working (at least) in order to achieve that.
* Lose weight. Having weighed myself this morning I am the heaviest I have ever been in my whole life, and I want to lose 24kg. Which is mathematically rather handy, as that makes 2kg a month (or about a pound a week in old money). I intend to do this through not snacking between meals, not buying chocolate (though I’m not going to be precious and if anyone gives me chocolate I’m not going to refuse it or make a big deal of it), having smaller portions and no seconds, and only having a glass of wine with a meal (usually if we have wine I tend to have 2 glasses). I reckon that will at least arrest the upward (and outward!) direction of the weight, and if I have to do more then it won’t be too difficult. I’ll also try to go to the gym a couple of times a week.
* Read the Bible daily. I don’t think there’s any point saying “Have a daily quiet time” as that just won’t happen, but having gone through (still am there really) a really dry patch I think that daily reading will at least be a step in the right direction.
* Try to reduce my overdraft and not spend money frivolously.

We’ll see. I think most of these are reasonably manageable.

Anyway – happy new year everyone!

First photo of the year, and New Year’s Resolutions

Waiting to see in 2007 As promised, here is one of my pictures of York Minster, whilst we were waiting outside for the New Year to be rung in. We got there at about 11.30, when there weren’t too many people around, but by the time it came to just a few minutes still to go it was absolutely heaving outside. I just about heard the first “bong!” of midnight, but with the cheering I didn’t hear the other 11 bongs, and could hardly hear the frenzied bell-ringing which was apparently going on.

There were also fireworks going on to the left of the picture. I did try to take pictures of them too, but it transpired that I was a bit of a firework nemesis – every time I switched on my camera the fireworks stopped. As soon as I switched it off they would start again. I didn’t get a single picture!

In other news, I shall follow the herd and think a bit about resolutions for 2007. They’re basically the same as usual, and boil down to tackling the two areas of my life which are expanding most alarmingly. Namely, my waistline and my overdraft. Argh. However, with left-over Christmas stuff needing to be consumed and being away for quite a bit of next week at a meeting and a conference, the foody one will be postponed for a couple of weeks. I’m hoping that this will mean that I’m less likely to fail, as I’m not actually starting it on New Year’s Day. Sigh. However, unlike other years, this year I do have a great incentive to succeed – I just need to picture paying for, and fitting into, a wedding dress whenever I’m tempted to overindulge. I hope it works 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, I know it’s a bit early (and hooray, I got broadband yesterday, by the way!!!!!), but my new year plans have changed a little bit and so there may well not be much time for blogging before the new year. Not that I’m doing anything exciting at all, I’m not – all my friends in Scotland are otherwise engaged (mostly away) and I couldn’t get hold of my nearest friends in the north of England so I shall be here – but the essay marking has suddenly become very turgid and although the end is in sight these last 10 or 15 are taking forever (not helped by the most recent one being over 4 TIMES over the word limit and being so full of pseudo-intellectualese I’ve absolutely no idea what it is talking about and gave up after page 1 – I shall return to the next 18 pages tomorrow! argh), and all the while I’m doing this knowing that I’m going to have to prepare for the invasion of the parents next week. Actually I’m really excited about this and have already broken the news to my dad that he’s going to teach me how to put up wallpaper (in the bedroom) but even still I’m going to have to do a bit of tidying up and cleaning, and I’ve decided that as I’m at a loose end this weekend and need a few days of non-intellectual activity it would be the ideal time to decorate the hall. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but as new year this year isn’t going to be exciting anyway I thought I might as well achieve something with it. And it does mean that by the end of next week I should only have the kitchen and bathroom still to decorate, which is rather exciting (to me, anyway).

Anyway, I’m digressing somewhat. New Year’s Resolutions. I haven’t given this a huge amount of thought, but, in no particular order, I aim to:

* lose weight (actually very important. I got weighed the other week at my new doctor’s, and have put on a stone and a half (eek) since coming to Scotland, ie every last ounce that I lost detoxing earlier in the year, and a bit more besides). My blood pressure was really high (not dangerously high, but high enough for the nurse to comment) and my heart rate was outrageous, so that has galvanised me into getting back into being healthy as opposed to pretending I’m healthy when really I’m a bit of a blob.

* join a dating agency. Actually I’ll wait until after I’ve lost weight – not because I’m superficial (no, really!), but because last time I was in a dating agency, whilst it was often hilarious it also had its soul-destroying moments, so I think I need to feel a lot better about myself first – but anyway it’s a plan, and if I get round to it then hopefully it should provide some memorable blogging moments (honestly the things I do for you!).

* get into more of a pattern of prayer and devotions. I’m not going to say daily, because I’d be setting myself up to fail, but I want “regular” to mean more than “once a week”.

* get my act together and sign up with an agency do some more nursing.

* work harder at my own study and not get totally caught up in my teaching/marking.

I think that’ll do. All achievable, most not too painful, some potentially brilliant. We’ll see. I can’t wait to see the back of this year and start again.

Anyway – happy new year, all. See you in ’06!