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2011 Project365 (days 106-107)

17th April:

17th April 2011

This is the Glasgow University library, looking marginally less concrete and brutal thanks to being viewed through the trees. I spent much of the day here sorting out my remaining corrections which now – at last, and thanks to lots of help on facebook and the ship helping me out with the dastardly pagination – are finished and soon to be submitted. I have turned the thesis into a pdf file, and just have to do the same for my list of what I amended for the examiners, and then that’s it. Just in the nick of time (which I’m sure has come as a big surprise).

16th April:

16th April 2011

Yesterday we met up with a crowd of people from the ship to celebrate MacGuyver’s Apprentice’s 40th birthday (the youngster!). Here he is with a very starry cake.

A week of stuff

I haven’t blogged for a week, which has been due to a combination of being too busy doing interesting things or having large chunks of boringness when there’s been nothing to write about. Anyway, things worth telling you about:

* weekend in York. Our best man had his annual birthday walk (his walk 3 years ago was our second date). This year (unlike last year) we didn’t get drenched, so that was good. We started at a village, the name of which I have forgotten (West something-beginning-with-T), and walked about 7 miles mostly along a river through fields and woods, to another village called Masham which has famous breweries (Theakstons, Black Sheep). We had a meal at a hotel next to the Black Sheep brewery when we finished the walk, and I made the mistake of ordering Guinness (my usual beer of choice) instead of something made by Theakstons. I sent the first one back as I thought they’d given me a pint of Coke by mistake as it had no head, and the second one only had about a millimetre of head which had disappeared after a couple of sips, and it didn’t taste as good as usual. I think they were having an off day. Anyway, the walk was good, we got to see lots of friends, and our best man and his wife recently bought a new house with a lovely garden so we got to nose at that too. A lovely weekend.

* interviews. HD has had a couple down south this week and last, we’re still waiting to hear. He thinks one went well, the other not so. Everything is being thoroughly crossed, as it’s getting a bit crucial that we get something soon as I’m about to get my final pay packet from the university. I have an interview lined up at the end of the month for a health visiting job here which I’m not desperate to do but if there’s nothing else going I’m glad I can fall back on it. Still waiting to hear from the part-time jobs I applied for, which I’d prefer if HD gets a job down south as it means I could still be around here a couple of days a week which will be helpful for seeing supervisors/going to the library/sorting out the flat/etc.

* shipmeet. Actually it was also a mini-wibmeet, as 4 of the 10 people who met last night at Ad Lib were also wibloggers. Smudgie and Smudgelet are up for a visit this week, so we had a meal in the evening – unfortunately due to thesis commitments I couldn’t share in their afternoon adventure. It was good to see Smudgie, and also fellow bloggers Surfing and Tractor Girl, and to see some familiar and unfamiliar shippies as well. I was particularly impressed with my pudding – I had a chocolate brownie (which was really really something else, it was gorgeous), but I figured that as it had a strawberry on my plate *and* I declined the accompanying ice-cream, that meant that it was virtually calorie-neutral.

* thesis. Argh. If I could just get my current chapter out of the way then I could get on with something fun (I always think that when I’m at this point in a chapter). Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the week, but only if I step up the drama queen histrionics act. One good thing is that due to the worrying about jobs and money, I really am not remotely fussed about the uncertainty about my thesis extension. I’ve got more important things to worry about.

That is all, I think.


This afternoon we had a meet-up of Glasgow-and-environs-based folk from Ship of Fools. We went to a Spanish tapas restaurant up in town called La Tasca and I must say the food was very nice indeed, though I am still experiencing something of a garlicky aftertaste (this is not a bad thing, because I like garlic, and as the only person I am intending to snog is probably similarly afflicted we can cancel each other out). Mostly people I knew already, but we had one new person (who is also doing a PhD in my faculty, and who has to mark essays by the same students!), a new baby and an imminent bump-soon-to-be-baby as well. Had a very useful chat with one shipmate who is a nurse as I need to get my act together about getting work for when the money runs out, it was also fun to share our colleagues-and-nursing-students horror stories as it is always reassuring to know that it’s not just me that attracts the weird/useless/clueless ones.

No photos unfortunately, you’ll just have to take my word for it that we all looked great!

Now I’m back I need to pack for tomorrow’s adventure. I’m off to London till Monday night – staying with friends in sarf London tomorrow night so am really really looking forward to catching up with them, and then on Monday I’m going to a study day at the British Library. I’ve never been there before, and having looked at the various collections on-line am wondering how much of it I can sneak out of so I can look at the illuminated manuscripts and music scores and maps and stuff, as that will probably be more interesting than the stuff I’m meant to be going there for. Actually that’s not true, I’ll be speaking with the area subject librarians who know about Romania and stuff, so with any luck it will be really useful. I’m just a bit concerned as their online Romania collection mainly seems to be quite ancient – I hope it’s not a wasted journey. Well, it won’t be wasted from the social point of view, but it would be good if I can actually learn something as well while I’m there.

London shipmeet

Today HD and I went into London town to meet up with some people from the Ship of Fools.  We started off at Tower Hill and then crossed Tower Bridge and walked along the South Bank.  I have to say, some people walked really really slowly!  But, I did have a good time, it was great to get back into London (and out of Luton for a bit!), and brilliant to see a number of people I’ve not seen since Greenbelt, or in some cases since I left London over 3 years ago, as well as to meet a few new people, including Kelly the guest of honour from California.  I took some photos which are here.

We stayed as far as the Tate Modern, but apart from looking at the big spider (brrrrr!) in the Turbine Hall HD and I only had time for a quick look round the shop (for a birthday present for a friend) before we had to head back to Luton. Everybody else carried on walking and were aiming for a pub near Waterloo, I was really sad we couldn’t go but needs must this time. If anyone fancies saying a little prayer for us, HD has a job interview next week (this is why we headed back, so he could spend some more time to prepare a rather scary-sounding – not to mention rather long – presentation he has to do). His contract here finishes in a few weeks’ time, so it would be good if we knew what life might hold in store (and at least where we’re going to end up) sooner rather than later. Thank you 🙂

Shipmeets and shopping

Last night we had a good shipmeet up in Glasgow, meeting up with MrSponge and his friends from across the Pond, and catching up with fisher, derf and scz. We went to Waxy O’Connors, and had a good old time discussing English/Scottish/American pronunciation (!). At one point we did divide up into boys talking politics and religion and girls talking weddings and babies – no gender stereotypes there obviously (we didn’t talk about knitting though).

Later today I’m heading down to London, as tomorrow I am going shopping with my bridesmaid. I can’t wait, I haven’t seen her for ages so it will be great to catch up with her. On Sunday HD and I are then going to have lunch with his parents AND my parents – this will be the first time the two sets of parents have met. I hope they behave themselves!

more out and aboutness

So yesterday was nice and leisurely, marked a few more essays, and then in the evening we set off to Cardiff for a shipmeet. It was good to meet a few familiar and a few new people (including wiblogger Chorister), and a good time (and a heck of a lot of food) was had by all.

Today we said “yah boo sucks” to Daylight Savings Time by having a lie in (sorry no church) and this afternoon we went to an ace museum – the National Coal Museum, based at the Big Pit at Blaenavon (part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site) – which was a really fascinating look at the industry which until the 80s was such a huge part of the Welsh (and English) economy. It included a tour underground in the mine itself, led by a former miner who’s now employed to do tours, and interestingly enough one of the other guys in our party was a former Derbyshire miner, so they were swapping tales of the 84/85 miners’ strike and the various differences and similarities between the pits. There’s also a really interesting exhibition set out in what was the Miners’ Bath House, and I was particularly stunned at the exit to see an enormous list of pits and collieries which I assumed were UK-wide, and then I looked closer and they were just the Welsh ones. The whole place was so atmospheric, you had a real sense of the community at the pit, but at the same time were really aware of how a great industry is now in such decline, with an area of rusting bits of machinery outside which I thought was very poignant. I’d definitely recommend it though – a fascinating place.

This evening we’ve just watched a really funny film – Black Cat White Cat – great music, silly scenario, very funny, we laughed a lot, well worth a look. HD is definitely a good catch on the movie front – we’ve watched some brilliant foreign language films of his that I’d never have heard of otherwise. Of course he’s a good catch anyway, but you know what I mean.

Ship meet and other stuff

Yesterday I was in town for the Glasgow ship meet – at Ad Lib diner in Hope Street. It was great to meet familiar and new people, we had a good crowd altogether, and my food at any rate was excellent (despite all the sneering about nobody else possibly wanting a potato and chickpea burger). I took a few photos.

I left early with my beautiful assistant, before pudding (which I gather took another nearly an hour to arrive, so it’s just as well we left when we did), and headed into town to look at dresses 😀 Thanks to the recommendations on my previous dress post I started off at Monsoon, but sadly nothing there did it for me (well the 70% off sale prices did, but unfortunately not the dresses, which didn’t look awful but just weren’t what I was looking for for various reasons). We then went to a proper scary dress shop, and I have to say I had a ball, although to start with I was really nervous and didn’t feel like I had any clue at all. But then I tried a couple of dresses which, although they weren’t quite right, had *something* which made me feel like I could actually look good in a wedding dress, and then I tried one on which made me feel amazing. So I’ll probably go for that, I’m going to try it on again later in the week as I didn’t want to commit myself straight away in case I came away and felt like I had rushed into things. But every time I think about it I get this big goofy grin, so unless something thoroughly disastrous happens it looks like I’ve found my dress. Hooray! 🙂

In the evening I went back to beautiful assitant’s place, and we watched “March of the Penguins”. What a gorgeous film – though the narration is very heavy on the cheese factor. Those penguins are amazing, and the scenery, though often brutal, was stunning. Worth a look-see.

Street art

Lots of people have already linked to Little People – a tiny street art project which I think is rather fabulous, in a miniature kind of way. Yesterday whilst wandering round the west end I spotted some street art on a somewhat larger scale, I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this before:


It really is a bit trippy, but certainly brightens up an otherwise thoroughly dull side street.

In other news, we had an Edinburgh shipmeet last night, with guest of honour UltraCrepidarian all the way from Australia-land. As usual I ate far too much, but I think a good time was had by all. Good food, wine, company. I don’t stand a chance of losing any weight.


I’m not too long back from a lovely evening with a London shipmate who is currently in Glasgow for a few days on what sounds like an action-packed Art Appreciation trip, visiting tons of museums and things which sounds thoroughly fabulous. I shall look forward to her recommendations once she’s finished the tour. I need to check out some more culture, although having today done a bit of a “to do” list heaven only knows when I’d fit it in.