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2011 Project365 (days351-352)

18th December:

18th December 2011

At last, we have nearly finished our Christmas shopping. This was Stirling city centre this afternoon, looking a lot less stressful and full than I expect Glasgow would have been.

17th December:

17th December 2011

We had a half day adventure exploring Dundee (I’d never been there before). We spent most of the afternoon exploring the museum and ship RSS Discovery which is the ship in which Scott made his first trip to the Antarctic. It was fascinating, well worth a visit I thought. And as an added bonus I was pleased with quite a few of my pictures. It was getting dark by the time we left the museum and looked round the ship – here you can see the Tay road bridge in the background on the left, and is that Venus in the sky?

The main reason for going to Dundee was to see Surfing and Tractor Girl at Surfing’s Christmas party. Thanks we had a lovely evening (and the mulled fruit punch was delicious!).

2011 Project365 (days 42 and 43)

12th February:

12th February 2011

We’ve been putting it off for a while, but today we were having a ‘general errands’ type day, picking up parcels, taking stuff to storage, that sort of thing, so we finally got round to worshipping at the temple of the great Swedish saint. I think we were rather restrained in the marketplace, considering. It was busy, but not as bad as I was expecting. I can’t say I’m desperate to go back any time soon though, so it’s probably just as well we have no room for any more stuff.

11th February:

11th February 2011

This is a cropped picture of me at our work’s belated Christmas night out last night. We went to an Italian restaurant and cocktail place called SoHo, I must say the food was really good but it was ever so loud there so we ended up pretty much shouting at each other rather than having a conversation. I do like my new specs.

Oh dear

Today I was trying on some dresses (as I am going to a wedding soon) and getting a bit fed up about my ample size. I have signed up to a local gym and have the induction on Monday, so hopefully will start losing some inches soon.

I did have to laugh in one shop though. I picked up a dress which looked lovely on the hanger. But as soon as I put it on and looked in the mirror, my first thought was “I look like the only gay in the village“. Not quite the look I was hoping for.


Life has been distinctly unblogworthy of late – that was going to change this weekend as we were due to go to York for a friend’s birthday party, but having foregone our Saturday lie-in this morning we got ourselves all packed and ready only to discover that Dudley (the Saab) wasn’t too well – a belt has snapped (I know *that* feeling!) and something else has jammed, and can’t be looked at until Monday at the earliest, and last-minute train fares were far too expensive, so I had my lie-in this afternoon instead, and instead of going to York the main excitement was going to our local Lidl for the first time (it opened 2 days ago). When I moved here and found that the local supermarket was a Somerfield I was a bit disappointed as I was used to the marginally more up-market Sainsburys/Tescos. Our Somerfield though closed 3-4 months ago and has only now re-emerged as a Lidl, and I’m now at the point where I feel that Somerfield is the height of sophistication in comparison, though to give Lidl its due, I do really appreciate that I can get pasta for 25p rather than £1.something and (hopefully – haven’t tried it yet but just about to) some reasonable-tasting wine for under a fiver.

What about other news? Work-wise, now that I’ve looked at the comments of the peer reviewers I’m at a bit of a loss to know where to start. They only have minimal suggestions for the substance of the article (that’s good), but also want to know a ton of information about my methodology. Having already just about hit the word limit for the article, I’m not entirely sure how to also include information that took 10K words when I wrote my methodology chapter. Sigh, I’m sure it will all work out, but it will require some creativity.

Also work-wise, I have seen a few jobs to apply for (one in the same town as a job HD has applied for, but mostly not, which is a bit of a stress). Today I saw one in Shetland. Which is kind of tempting, though I suspect the weather would be a bit “character-building”.

Finally, this made me laugh today, it reminded me of me and HD. Well, the “lack of hot abs” mainly reminded me of me, if I’m honest, but anyway:

cute pictures of puppies with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures


I’m not long back from the City Where We’re Getting Married. We had a lovely time, and achieved lots – HD has a suit, we have bought rings, we have eaten at the best restaurant in the world (OK so not strictly weddingy, but it was delicious) and the church bits seem to be getting sorted. We also thought we’d found the most fabulous over-the-top cake that we both really loved, but we actually only liked the icing – for some reason this particular cake only comes as a madeira, which neither of us were mad on. So the options are to go traditional (highly possible) or try to find a place that will do a mad fruit cake.

In other news, I’m online at home! Hooray! Now I’ll never get any work done! (oh hang on, that’s not a good thing is it?).

Retail therapy

I decided to pop along to the supermarket today, as when I was here in the summer they were selling 2GB memory sticks for a tenner so I thought I’d get a couple more while I had the chance. Sadly, they weren’t there anymore (they had 2GB memory sticks but they were more than 4 times the price, so I didn’t bother). To make up for the disappointment I have bought a couple of DVDs instead from the bargain bucket, and some vaguely healthy food so I don’t have to spend the entire week eating crisps and pizza (it’s a right pain not having a kitchen!).

In other news, I have just had to give my supervisor a provisional title for a conference talk that I will hopefully be giving next year, based on preliminary findings from this period of fieldwork. I’m kind of looking forward to it, except that everyone else on my panel is really experienced and has published tons of stuff and know what they’re doing, whereas I’ve published nothing in my field and don’t really have a clue what I’m doing. I’m going to have to be so careful not to leave it till the last minute (what with wedding planning and possible house moving between now and then leaving it till the last minute is a distinct possibility) – if I’m organised I’ll be able to blag my way to sounding knowledgeable and authoritative. If I’m not I will just be embarrassing.

Back in the UK

So, some of you on facebook have already noticed I’m back in the UK for my holiday – it’s wonderful to be here, but also very strange – familiar yet not what at all I’ve been used to these last few months. It nearly went pear-shaped though – I was transferring flights at Budapest, but with less than an hour between flights and a queue of transit passengers that was Very Very Long Indeed, I was starting to panic. Fortunately I managed to collar an airport worker who, when she heard I was on the Gatwick flight, whisked me through to the front of the queue (I’m such a VIP) and I got on the plane at the last minute! Phew!

Once in London I met up with HD (hooray!) and we went to the Tate Modern (where we had our first date, actually) and saw the Global Cities exhibition (Tractor Girl has already raved about it, and rightly so, it was excellent – if you get the chance then go, but it’s only on till this weekend). After that I was knackered (I’d got up up at 3.45 Moldova time, which was 1.45 UK time, so by the time we finished at the Tate I’d already been awake 12+ hours and was starting to flag. So we headed over to Paddington (somewhat hindered by the rubbish suitcase that I’d bought in Romania, which has almost fallen apart after only 2 big journeys, and which probably won’t survive another one) and are now back in sarf Wales. I’ve spent the day Greenbelt shopping, talking to the wedding dress shop (the dress has arrived. Unfortunately so have several centimetres on my waist and hips, argh), and catching up with my mum and dad. Tonight we’re eating out with HD’s sister and tomorrow we go to Greenbelt! I can’t wait (though we are massively unprepared and unpacked). See some of you there 😀

Fab weekend

I jetted off to London very early on Saturday morning, as it was the 40th birthday party of a good friend of mine. I caught up with loads of people I’d not seen for years (friends of his who moved away from London, or people that I’ve known through him but who weren’t London-based), bopped, ate, chatted, laughed and generally had a fab time. I also got to see my godson (40-yr-old-friend’s son), he’s such a great kid. When I arrived in Brockley (I was staying there again, unsurprisingly) I had to walk to my friend’s place where I was staying the night through streets that I covered when I was health visiting, so I kept finding myself thinking “oh, such-and-such a kid lives there, he must be 3 by now”. I didn’t bump into any former clients though.

Then yesterday I managed to snatch a few hours with HD who had been visiting his family (near-ish London) for the weekend. The weather turned out to be lovely and warm so we spent most of the time sunbathing in St James’ Park (which is my favourite of the central London parks), apart from a bit of a shoe-shopping diversion (Miss Lisa would have been proud of me) due to my (normally comfy and well-behaved) boots having given me some evil blisters. In St James’ Park we discovered that trying to snuggle isn’t very easy when you’re in deckchairs.

In other news, I’m getting confirmed this coming Sunday!

I didn’t mean to ….

So I found myself in town earlier and thought I’d pop into the local music emporium to see if they had King Creosote CDs, as I wanted to buy one for my friend for his birthday having seen them at Greenbelt and thought he would like them. They did indeed have said CDs, and I therefore successfully purchased exactly the item I had always intended to. Marvellous.

However, er, I also managed to buy:

King Creosote CD for me
Primal Scream CD for me
Red Hot Chilli Pipers CD for me
Seth Lakeman CD for me


The Good Shopping Guide

In keeping with my chunky-jumper-floaty-skirt-and-Doctor-Martens-wearing mature student status (at least, that’s what my work colleague insisted I’d be wearing, along with dyeing my hair pink, filling the house with joss sticks and generally being irritatingly over-earnest and believing I can change the world, as that’s what styoodents do) I recently bought the Good Shopping Guide, which is a guide to shopping ethically and covers everything from washing machines to toys. On the whole I find that kind of thing quite inspirational – I like the idea of being subversive in my choices, and that my individual choices could make some kind of difference in changing wider patterns of consumption and all the rest of it.

But I’m not very happy about what it has to say about my favourite chocolate. Sigh.

And I’m still really baulking at the idea of using a mooncup. Not because it’s gross per se (though some would say it is), but because I’m so cack-handed disaster would be inevitable.