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We had talked about going to Potfest in the Pens today (we’ve been a few times already over the past few years, and went to the Scottish one a few months ago), but by last night neither of us could muster up the enthusiasm for a 100 mile drive there and then back again. So apart from picking up a parcel and going to ASDA, we’ve not done much.

This afternoon I slept. We have realised that I need more sleep than HD in order to function, and now research seems to be justifying my usual Saturday torpor. So now I intend to refer to my Saturday sleeping as “evidence-based living” 🙂

This recent xkcd comic really resonated.


I came home early today as there is building noise going on at work and it’s impossible to concentrate. Last year I shared an office with someone who was hyper-sensitive to background noise (she took the battery out of the clock because the ticking was annoying her so much, and when the radiator pipes started gurgling I thought she was going to explode), and I always thought this was a bit extreme. But this year I have found noise that previously I would have zoned out gets on my nerves so much it completely throws me off beam and wrecks my concentration in a way it never did before. I brought a ton of books and articles home with me and was full of good intentions (which I think is the story of my entire PhD, good intentions). Unfortunately I was so tired I had to have a lie down (and of course the inevitable happened, zzzzzz). I am also really struggling to get into my chapter writing – I kind of know what I want to say, but I want to say quite a lot of different things (I am writing my background/literature review chapter at the moment) and in the number of words available to me I can only write about them quite superficially, and this is very frustrating, so I look at the internet instead. I think the only way I am going to get this thesis written is to write it out longhand the old-fashioned way, with the computer switched off, and only switch it on to type it up in the end (I’m serious about that, actually!).

I wish I wasn’t so sleepy though. A colleague told me I looked tired this week (I certainly felt it), and I just feel tired all the time.

We are meeting some friends from York up in town tomorrow though, so I’m looking forward to that, and catching up with an exhibition I’ve wanted to see too. And HD and I are going on another adventure on Sunday too, so life isn’t all dull.

Crap storms

I’m sure I had something really interesting to blog about, but I had the worst night’s sleep last night, and I have no idea what it was. The dog that adopted our little block of apartments a few months ago was barking till the small hours for no obvious reason underneath my bedroom window, and then at 5 I got woken up by a massive thunderstorm. Which don’t get me wrong, we really needed (the temperature is well into the 30s here), but it was rather crap timing. Plus today it’s just as hot and sticky as ever, so it didn’t even work.

6 sleeps to go (which with any luck will be longer than last night’s).