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On being dim

If anyone in the blogosphere has any idea what I might have named my CV on the computer, I’d be most grateful. Clue: whatever it is, it’s not CV.doc as that would be far too logical and helpful.

(I know the laptop died, but we managed to save all my Word docs onto the external hard drive, and I have quite a lot of them on sticks too. Still can’t find it)

2011 Project365 (days 13 and 14)

January 14th:

14th January 2011

So my laptop died yesterday, after the evening before it slid off the sofa onto the floor. After the burst pipe, the cars, Christmas, if you hear a squealed “nooooooo!” you’ll know it’s probably our credit cards. Sigh. We have bought another one, and am grateful we are in a position that we can do that. I know many people wouldn’t be.

January 13th:

13th January 2011

I took this yesterday evening while waiting for HD at Buchanan Street subway station. It’s the Tron Church on Buchanan Street. I took a couple more shots of the lights on Buchanan Street, but this is the only decent picture out of them.

More frustrations

So now NVivo is on my laptop, but it keeps closing of its own accord before I can start working with it. I think there must be something in my laptop settings, as I’m having no problems with it at work, and never did on the laptop either before until I recently had to reinstall Windows. I could just leave it all for work, but the whole point of having it here was so that I could be productive but not have to be chained to my desk. Grrrrrr. And bah for that matter.

I can’t be doing with this. Sorry for the whinge, but I’m really cheesed off. [please don’t anyone point out that HD is techie, that wouldn’t be helpful right now, as I don’t want to treat him like my own personal tech support, plus it’s software he doesn’t know so I can’t just take him for granted that he’ll fix it] I just want to do a bit of not-particularly-demanding work, so I can do the demanding stuff in my office during the day, but it’s just not happening. V. fed up right now.

Rock and roll

I am spending my Friday night reinstalling Windows on the laptop, and then everything else, it’s a very slow process (thank goodness for lovely patient HD and lovely red wine). I’m so rock and roll.

At least I shall be sleeping in a proper bed tonight 🙂

The Exorcist

Some friends already know this, but anyway: a bit of a laptop disaster over the weekend when, just as I was about to get down to a bit of work on Saturday morning, my laptop decided to open lots of windows. LOTS of windows. As fast as I closed them more seemed to be appearing, it was like it was possessed. Fortunately I have my own personal exorcist, but even Mr Techie HD said “Ooh, I’ve never seen that happen before”, which is a bit concerning. Nothing has been lost (as far as I can tell) and most important things (thesis, photos) are copied elsewhere, but we are looking at copying over what we can to another machine and then restoring factory settings and hopefully the evilz will have gone by then. If not then we will take it to someone who knows what they’re doing – HD could take it to bits, but as he himself said, when he does that he usually finds bits left over when he’s put it back together again. So yesterday involved copious handwriting of the CCD (current chapter of doom) and no playing on the internet which was a pain but funnily enough I got loads done (strange, that). I haven’t finished the chapter, but my supervisors were fine with me typing up what I’ve done so far and sending that to them today so we have something to talk about in supervision, and I’ll go back to the chapter next week. For the rest of this week I shall mostly be editing my (hopeful, if they are happy with my changes) book chapter as the deadline for that is next Monday.

After the laptop possession incident, we ran away to eastern Scotland (there be dragons) on Saturday for Derf’s manse-warming barbecue. I am now suffering an acute case of house-envy (especially garden-envy).

In other news, I’m wondering if my office window is near a wasps’ nest. Have had to eject several today (although I suppose I could have just ejected one particularly persistent and stupid one several times, as once I got cross and killed it rather than help it fly away I haven’t been bothered by any others).

Of technology

We are still dongle-reliant for internet at home, it’s getting very frustrating. In the meantime, today at work my PC suddenly died. The guy from IT (who took hours to come and see it) thought it was the motherboard that had gone (I’m still not entirely sure what that is, but think that it going would be serious). He took it away to try and diagnose the problem and hopefully retrieve my data. 10 minutes later he phoned back to say it was all sorted – it transpired it wasn’t the motherboard (phew) but some part of the power mechanism, and he just swapped it for another one (from a computer whose motherboard had died) and it is good as new.

Mind you, it probably wouldn’t have been a bad thing for him to have taken longer. I got SO MUCH work done today! (can’t think why!!!)

Of dongles, Dunblane and drinking

Apologies for blogging infrequency, our home broadband is not very well (understatement; we are currently waiting for BT to test our line and try and find out what is going on. In the meantime HD has got a pay-as-you-go dongle (what a great word that is!) so we are still able to connect, but I don’t want to use up all his credit so I am being reasonably disciplined and trying not to waste it all on scrabble. Though I might waste a little bit later ….).

Thursday evening I headed over with some other people from church to Dunblane, where our friend and former curate was being inducted (instituted? I can never remember the correct terminology. I’m pretty sure it’s not induced though!) as the new priest there. I have (and I know I’m not the only one) missed Kimberly a lot here, she was a wonderful curate, and St Mary’s are lucky to have her. I must admit to shedding a tear during the service – it was actually at the point that the church warden handed her the keys to the church. She had such a huge smile at that point it was clear that she had “come home”. What a wonderful service and wonderful occasion, and I hope and pray she will be very happy there. As if that wasn’t all wonderful enough, I can now also say that I have been in the same room as the Cope of Glory (that’s a reference that kingsfold will get, if nobody else!). My goodness, and it was quite glorious!

The end of the week has seen a couple of pre-birthday events – yes I finally reach that grand-old-age-with-a-0-on-the-end next week, and so had drinks with people from work on Friday night (shamelessly piggy-backing on another friend’s leaving do), and then with friends from church last night too. I think I feel alright about it, generally – I was really excited about the last birthday-with-a-0-on-the-end, and have loved being in my X0-ies (I don’t know why I’m not just coming out and saying the numbers, I’m sure you all know!), so I think I’m more bothered about not being in my X0-ies than I am about being *0.

Anyway – we are going to go on an adventure on the actual day, so hopefully that will soften the blow a little 🙂