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I’m going to blog a bit about London in a minute, but this news merits its own blog entry. Today I did my last ever tutorial (well, last ever for this course – with any luck I’ll get a proper job so will have to do tutorials again – but I don’t have to do this one ever again).


I feel really pooped. They’re handing the essays in in a couple of days, so I’ve still got stuff to moan about no doubt. But it does feel good too.


Today was a bit of a write-off, and I was unable to enjoy this uncharacteristic good weather as the change in weather (and the arrival of some proper sun to go with the balmy 10 degree heatwave!) led to an evil headache. So I headed home after lunch and spent the afternoon in bed – still feeling a bit fragile but I’ve had worse headaches so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back to normal. I remember when I went to Romania the other year I spent the first couple of weeks with an almost permanent headache due to the air pressure change, it took me ages to adjust. I must be getting old.

Yesterday I had my penultimate day of tutorials. It wasn’t the greatest ever as tutorials go, but I did have an unexpected ‘pastoral moment’ where I was reminded of what I was good at when I was health visiting, how much I miss that side of things, and how if I get a job in academia (I’m looking at doing part-time nursing, part-time academia and some consultancy on the side, all of which will I think bring me closer to what I suspect my wider vocation might be) the aspect I will really enjoy is the pastoral, personal tutoring side of things. Not that I’m applying for anything yet, but I am starting to think about how to get a week’s worth of nursing-related study in in the next couple of months to get myself back on the register.

HD has a couple of phone interviews tomorrow; all prayers gratefully appreciated 🙂

A good day (with reservations)

Good things about today:

* At supervision my supervisor referred to the article I wrote as (and I quote) “fantastic”, the best thing I’ve written so far, and if I write all my thesis chapters like that then I’m sorted. So all the agony of last week was worth it, and I’m really chuffed that I am writing to the required standard (when you’re so close to what you’re writing it’s sometimes difficult to tell).

* At the same session I plucked up the courage to ask if I could change the role play tutorial which is coming up in a few weeks. My supervisor (who set the thing in the first place) has previously appeared quite set on it and resistant to change, so I was a bit nervous, but as soon as I asked she said “yeah, do what you like with it!” I know I normally feel sick on a Monday night before Tuesday tutorials, but I was already starting to dread this one, so this is really great news. Hooray!

* I have bought tickets for a Celtic Connections concert on Friday (yes kingsfold, *that* one – see you there). As we aren’t as flush with money as the last couple of years this is the only (paying) concert we’re going to this year, but it looks like being a great one. Hooray!

The reservations about today:

* I haven’t lost any weight this last week. Must try harder.

* The main criticisms of my article were the length of some of my sentences and extreme use of brackets and sub-clauses. Me, ramble on and on? I’m sure you’ll all find that very difficult to believe.

* The Celtic Connections box office was shut when I went this morning (didn’t open till 10, which was when supervision was) so I had to go back in the afternoon. Glasgow traffic between 5 and 6 is terrible!

* I have about a million zits. Normally this coincides with weight loss. This time I have all the pain and none of the reward. Grrrr.


I rushed home straight after tutorials (which of course went fine) to watch the inauguration of President Obama – the first time in my life I’ve dropped everything to do that. I arrived home towards the end of Rick Warren’s prayer, went for a wee and found I’d missed half of Aretha Franklin, and then sat glued to the screen for the next hour. What an amazing spectacle it was – I shed a tear or three, and I just loved the guy who gave the benediction at the end! I’m sure Obama won’t be able to fulfil all the huge expectations of him, but that’s because of the enormity of the mess he’s inherited rather than a statement of his ability or lack of it. I feel very hopeful tonight for our world.

And in other news, I only have 36 hours of tutorials left EVER. Not that I’m counting or anything.

Of mystery ingredients

Today was my last tutorial of the year (hoorays all round, except that this heralds the imminent arrival of the essays, so never fear there’s still plenty to whinge about).

This evening I had a meal with some friends from church, who are lending me a guidebook for when I go away to the conference next week (it seemed a bit pointless buying one when I’ve only got an afternoon or so free to look round, but I wanted a bit of guidance as to what was worth seeing in that short time). I. is an amazing cook and made a stunning vegetable chilli, which afterwards she revealed contained a mystery secret ingredient: chocolate! I’d never have realised it contained chocolate, it certainly didn’t taste of it, but there was definitely something about it that made it a cut above the usual chilli (and several cuts above the chillis I cook). Good job it wasn’t Lent!

In other news it is COLD here! (or, as Smudgie and Smudgelet would have it, it’s chilly chilly chilly chilly chilly). Main roads have been gritted but side roads (including mine) haven’t been so both road and pavement are covered in black ice. Coming home from my friends’ place this evening I was literally clinging onto walls to avoid falling over – without having consumed a single drop of alcohol! It left me very relieved that I’m not elderly – it is really dangerous out there and was really quite scary. [As an aside, if anyone wants to pray for a safe journey for HD, who is driving up here tomorrow evening, I’d be grateful. I have already nagged him to drive slowly (despite the only one of us to ever get a speeding ticket being, er, me) but I won’t stop worrying till he arrives in one piece]

Random miscellany

* I am rubbish at Scrabulous and am currently being slaughtered by derf.
* I know that teaching only one day a week isn’t that arduous, but I do hate Tuesdays.
* Glasgow’s Christmas lights are on, and are even more hideous than ever. I might take my camera into town soon and try to show you them in all their blinginess.
* I miss HD and am trying not to get stressed about the fact that Plan B has fallen through as well. When he gets here tomorrow we will have to think about a Plan C (but we will have a snog first).
* Because they don’t read banns in Scotland, I have to arrange to swear at a vicar in England soon and give him wads of cash. I wonder if he will take Royal Bank of Scotland one pound notes?
* 39 sleeps to go till the wedding 😀

What day is it again?

Yesterday was a lovely way of spending a Monday – we went waterfall-hunting in the Brecon Beacons, and we even found some! Though clambering up and down the rocks was a bit scary, not helped by my a. empty stomach and b. full bladder. Pizza Hut on the way to the airport eventually sorted out a., and a particularly brambly bit of shrubbery sorted out b. – thankfully I only managed to get scratches on my legs and arms, and nowhere more delicate (phew).

Now I’m back though, and I’m all confused. Usually when I’ve been down at HD’s I’m back early on Monday morning and am in work by midday. Today though is the first day back, and it’s really thrown me that I’ve spent the day doing my Tuesday tutorials. Anyone would think it was Tuesday!