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2011 Project365 (day342)


This was a very very welcome sight indeed after a 3 hour journey home (I took a few hours annual leave to leave early). Scotland is facing 90mph winds today and it is hideous out there. There are some photos from around Scotland here.

I have seen online that lots of the locals are referring to the weather as ‘Hurricane Bawbag’. This made me laugh (probably because I am very immature).

2011 Project365 (day338)

4th December 2011

I haven’t shown many Stirling views yet, so here’s one to rectify that. This is the view across the Forth river up to the Wallace Monument. We’ve had a dusting of snow today, it was too wet to settle much but now it’s getting cold so I wouldn’t be surprised if the melting slush freezes overnight. That’s something to look forward to! (not).

We have bought a car, and pick it up next week. I was hoping to borrow a friend’s car for this week, but she phoned this afternoon to say her car is making worrying noises so she has to take it to the garage tomorrow. I am beginning to think I am the Angel of Death to cars! Might have to take some previously unplanned annual leave this week ….

2011 Project365 (days270-271)

28th September:

28th September 2011

It’s been a lovely day today – this is Queen’s Park in the late afternoon. I’m going to try and make the most of the sun, as after this spell we probably won’t see it much till about April.

27th September:

27th September 2011

This was taken at my book group meeting. Unfortunately I didn’t ever get round to starting the book (Margaret Attwood’s “Alias Grace” – I had lots of other things going on, but also kept putting it off as I didn’t get on with the only other book of hers that I’ve tried and gave up on that on about page 3). I did eat cake though 🙂

2011 Project365 (day255)

12th September 2011

Today in Scotland we have had a bit of a battering from the tail end of Hurricane Katia (though I am well aware, and very thankful, that it is nothing compared to the battering that the US east coast got). Here is Queen’s Park this evening, the winds and rain had dropped a bit but it was still very brooding. There’s more forecast for tomorrow.

This isn’t actually a black & white picture – I took this one and a B&W one and they looked exactly the same! But if you have your screen at the right angle you’ll see the green in the grass.

2011 Project365 (day222) / The Gallery week 69

10th August 2011

I had completely forgotten about the Gallery theme this week (hosted by Sticky Fingers), and took my photo when I got home then checked my blog reader and there it was. Today’s Gallery theme is Water, something which we have had rather a lot of today (I’m not entirely sure what stair rods are, but the rain was coming down in them today). I could have stayed out the back a bit longer to take a few more pictures and make them clearer, but, well, I was getting rained on.

2011 Project365 (day207)

26th July 2011

Taken around 8.30pm. The temperature was just perfect then (at work during the day it’s just been too too too too hot).

In other news, I had a telephone interview this morning for some more OU tutoring. I think it went OK, apart from when I was talking about philosophy of evidence/knowledge, and found myself talking crap about ontology and epistemology (which I always get mixed up). Usually when I am aware I am talking nonsense I can back out reasonably gracefully, but this time even as I was thinking to myself “just shut up now” the words just kept on coming. Oh dear. We’ll see – they are interviewing throughout August so I won’t hear for a month. Fingers crossed.

2011 Project365 (day179)

28th June 2011

Today, rather belatedly the sun arrived. Hopefully the sunny temperature will catch up with it by tomorrow! It’s boiling in my office, but that’s because we have a south-facing wall which is all glass, so we end up cooking all summer regardless of the weather outside. But outside I’ve still needed my coat, and I’m still wearing bedsocks.

This was taken in the back court. I had to look a while for a set of leaves that weren’t crawling with greenfly.

2011 Project365 (day143)

23rd May 2011

Today Scotland has been battered by gale force winds, as well as some hefty rain at times. Reports say some parts of the country got winds of over 100mph. It’s been very scary driving around I have to say! On the way home I saw a couple of large trees upended and leaning in a couple of front gardens, so I dread to think what’s happened to the houses. And then this is very near us – the tree is on the edge of Queen’s Park, and has fallen right across the road. I didn’t get any closer – I’m not sure if the car on the left was hit by the tree or if it just missed it. I’ve just heard the M8 is at a standstill, and most ferries have been cancelled, so do pray for all those stranded, particularly those stuck in cars with no facilities. I know it’s not like the horrific snow we had in December, but unlike May here usually this month has been quite cold, I know I for one am grateful to be indoors and safe.

2011 Project365 (day141)

21st May 2011

Today I did a 5 hour revision tutorial for one of my OU modules, in conjunction with a couple of other tutors. We all started at the same time and were observed teaching by our line manager, which was a bit daunting (but luckily they didn’t tell us about this till yesterday so we didn’t have time to panic!). It went fine and we have all passed our probation period which is good.

The weather is really unpredictable at the moment. Before leaving I looked out the back and it was grey skies and gloom so I put on my big coat. I left the flat out the front door to find blue skies and sun, and nearly went back to change to a lighter coat. Thank goodness I didn’t because when I left the tutorial I was well and truly greeted by the rain. I did a (mercifully short) shopping trip to pick up an outfit for graduation, and this is the view pulling out of Central Station over the river this afternoon.

In honour of the town and the weather, here is a Glasgow classic song for you: Raintown.