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I am in the home strait – I had hoped to submit the thesis by the end of the week, but the expected date now is next Monday. Still plenty to do, but the end is in sight.

In the meantime, Scotland’s central belt (ie this bit right here!) is ground to a near halt, I was out doing a home visit when it got really bad, and it took me nearly an hour and a half to get back to the office (it would usually take about 15 minutes). Including a couple of particularly scary skids, both of which fortunately righted themselves before I hit first metal railings and second a car on the other side of the road, both of which I was heading for. We got sent home shortly afterwards, when my 3 mile journey took nearly 3 (really quite scary) hours. And then once I got home I couldn’t get into a parking space as the road is so snowy and icy, in the end some neighbours took pity on me and pushed me the final few yards into the space, but now Dudley’s there I think he can stay put for now. But judging from the M8 tales, I was very very lucky. Today is a scheduled day off for me which is good timing, tomorrow it looks like I will be walking part-way and hoping the subway is open for the rest of the journey, as I won’t be going anywhere slowly, never mind fast, in the car. I did take a walk to the local supermarket to get some veg, even that was an adventure and I’m very glad to be back in the Stately Pile now. We’re all feeling very intrepid, not to mention supremely unimpressed with the Scottish government response to it all.

Actually I wonder if I should make some contingency plans for next Monday, given that the weekend forecast is for more snow. I will probably be able to get in to submit, but what if nobody is there to accept it?

Ho hum. I should probably concentrate on just finishing the b****r, and worry about the hypotheticals when (if) they happen.

In the meantime, I didn’t hear this as I listen to Radio Scotland news in the morning rather than the Today programme, but I have really enjoyed this from yesterday’s show (it has apparently been pulled from R4’s listen again facility already, I can’t think why!).


We had a waterfall outside – which was rather inconveniently starting to appear on our bedroom wall and floor. The plumber just turned the water off, so that’s us till tomorrow morning – lovely.

IMG_0863 IMG_0864


Writing about this elsewhere, I was reminded of one of this morning’s readings, from Isaiah 43, which talks about God being with us “when you pass through the water”. So much for God’s sense of humour – we are NOT amused!


IMG_0859 Brrrr it’s cold! After a (rather graceful, for me) slide onto my backside earlier in the day – luckily just outside my flat, so I didn’t have too far to go to recover – I dug out my walking boots and headed into town to do a bit of shopping and (most importantly) visit the Celtic Connections box office. There was ice on the river, and I also noticed that Wellington, rather than sporting his usual traffic cone, was today wearing a much more appropriate and suitable scarf and bobble hat.

Bank Holiday

I have enjoyed reading about everybody’s Bank Holiday (at least in the UK) adventures. Unfortunately, the most exciting thing we did on Bank Holiday Monday was wander on down to the greengrocer to stock up on veg, and we managed to get wet just doing that – so yes, typical Bank Holiday weather up here anyway. We’re so rock’n’roll.

We went for a curry on Sunday night, and so just for my own future reference: spicy vegetable korma / Indian vegetable curry both recommended. Mmmmm. I think the nan breads are getting even bigger.

Today after work I went to my book group, having once again not managed to read the book. Fortunately it is not a scary book group so this was not a problem. I do honestly mean to read the book each time, and usually manage it, but as I am getting busier at work and more stressed the thought of having to get to know a whole new lot of characters and potentially get emotionally involved in a draining story means that I keep putting off starting books until it is too late. I’m a bit like that with films too – unless I’ve seen them already and know I like them, or if it’s one I really really really want to see, I find it difficult to commit to sitting down and watching a film (I think HD finds this a bit frustrating, which is understandable). I still do mean to read the book we’ve just discussed (the others in the group are pretty good at not giving spoilers), as they did rate this as a good one (it’s Irene Nemirovsky’s “Suite Francaise”). Unfortunately we now have to move on, and having pulled a title out of the box that none of us had heard of (I think it might have been suggested ages ago by a member of the group who moved to Dundee a few months ago) it is time for a new start. I have just been on to amazon and read the reviews, let’s just say I have a feeling it might be another “Shadow of the Wind” experience. Fortunately there were lots of 1p copies. I read out one of the reviews to HD and he laughed. We both know I’m going to hate this one. Sigh.

Hidden Gardens

IMGP6774This afternoon we had a lovely time meeting up with some friends for a cuppa and a walk round the Hidden Gardens, which is round the back of the Tramway Theatre not far from where we live. It was a lovely day, and great to be able to sit out on the grass and chat and drink, and I even needed my sunglasses! It was also the first day this year that I have gone out wearing sandals and (horrors) exposing my feet to the world. The weather the last few days hasn’t been very good, so I’m happy that it managed to sort itself out for the weekend rather than being gorgeous on a work day when I’m stuck in the office!

This photo is of HD walking through a funny arty gate sculpture thingy – it had coloured flashing lights which must look fantastic when it’s dark. This picture makes me laugh – I think all it needs is some dry ice and HD saying “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be ….” for this to be straight out of “Stars in their Eyes”!

The garden has a number of different sections, including a herb garden and a random chimney stack (as the name of the theatre might suggest, this used to be a yard for the trams, but has been transformed into a really interesting space, both indoors and outdoors). Photos from the garden might well find their way onto my Glasgow blog later in the week.


Today was a bit of a write-off, and I was unable to enjoy this uncharacteristic good weather as the change in weather (and the arrival of some proper sun to go with the balmy 10 degree heatwave!) led to an evil headache. So I headed home after lunch and spent the afternoon in bed – still feeling a bit fragile but I’ve had worse headaches so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back to normal. I remember when I went to Romania the other year I spent the first couple of weeks with an almost permanent headache due to the air pressure change, it took me ages to adjust. I must be getting old.

Yesterday I had my penultimate day of tutorials. It wasn’t the greatest ever as tutorials go, but I did have an unexpected ‘pastoral moment’ where I was reminded of what I was good at when I was health visiting, how much I miss that side of things, and how if I get a job in academia (I’m looking at doing part-time nursing, part-time academia and some consultancy on the side, all of which will I think bring me closer to what I suspect my wider vocation might be) the aspect I will really enjoy is the pastoral, personal tutoring side of things. Not that I’m applying for anything yet, but I am starting to think about how to get a week’s worth of nursing-related study in in the next couple of months to get myself back on the register.

HD has a couple of phone interviews tomorrow; all prayers gratefully appreciated 🙂


IMGP6528The snow hasn’t hit up here as badly as down south, but it has been snowing all day, and, even though I’m not fond of going to and from work on snowy, icy paths it was lovely to look out of the window and see those huge flakes dancing around in the air. This is the view from the window of my office.

And seeing as it’s Tuesday tomorrow, I won’t be overly distressed if there’s a snow day. What’s the betting half the students take one anyway?

In other news, I finished my second draft of chapter 3 today. I still don’t think it’s thesis-quality yet, but it’s loads better than the first draft. Onwards and upwards!