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Mini wibmeet

I had a very lovely time this afternoon meeting up with fellow wiblogger Semele for tea and cake (mmm cake). She’s over here from Oz and we’d tried a few times to come up with dates to meet and we were both starting to worry that we wouldn’t manage it before she returned home. But hooray we did and very lovely it was too to meet her. Unfortunately can you believe I left my camera at home?! I know she has a picture of the cake but you’ll have to wait for her to post that.

And now I’m off out to have pancakes (made by a friend from church). Mmm pancakes.

Colliding worlds

The world continues to shrink and collide. I remember when I first started getting involved in online communities, talking about my “real life” and “virtual” friends, and then getting really startled when “real” and “virtual” worlds started to coincide and overlap, and “virtual” friends became as “real” as “real life” friends. People from the wibsite and Ship of Fools turned out to know/have grown up with random people I knew in real life (especially people from madchurch, bizarrely), and since being on facebook it’s been amazing to see how many people have unexpected mutual friends with me – a few people I know from online are friends with a friend of mine from uni, whom they know from GCN, for example. I’ve had several facebook exchanges along the lines of “where on earth do you know x from?!” – one madchurch friend saw a comment from someone (whom I got to know through a friend of HD’s) and messaged me to say “I was at a Crusader camp in the 80s with someone called Jane Bloggs*, I wonder if it’s the same one”, so I messaged her and it turned out they were indeed already acquainted but hadn’t been in touch for 20 years, and then they spent a fun evening reminiscing together and catching up via facebook messages. I’ve also had a couple of “real life” friends come up to me and sheepishly confess that they think they’ve been reading my blog. One of whom as lots of people already know now has her own blog here too – we first met in the early 90s, and I think at first we were both a bit freaked out by the real/virtual overlap.

Now it’s my various virtual worlds that are colliding. I’m really delighted that Katya, one of my most faithful and regular commenters over on my Glasgow photo blog, has started to comment here too. I can thank Ian for following her comments on Glasgow DP and starting to comment on her blog for her getting to know the wibsite a bit.

Every time I experience one of these mini-world collisions I get a bit of a jolt. A pleasant one mind! I think I didn’t realise until I had lots of friends in lots of different places coming together the extent to which I choose what I reveal about myself in each different context. I think all of them are authentic expressions of who I am, whether it be the creative, spiritual, pseudy, or whatever sides of me, but I always wonder if those who know best the spiritual side of me will be surprised by the slobby side, or those that know the creative me will be put off by the more spiritual, even though it’s all me. I think I’m rambling (Shurely not – ed), not to mention getting a bit “me, me, me” on you – anyway really all I want to say is despite the momentary discomfort I think the coming together of these different worlds is fun and helps make the world both a smaller and bigger place. Yay!

In other news, working at home hasn’t worked at all. I have no self-discipline whatsoever (she says, like that’s news). Tomorrow will be better (actually maybe I’ll go into work after all). Sigh.

* Name changed to protect the guilty, obviously!

Dear Wibsite Powers-That-Be

I have commented on a few blogs in the last couple of days, but my comments simply disappear into the ether. I was going to start a thread on the wibsite board about it, but even though I’m logged in, the ‘start a new thread’ link seems to have disappeared.

Have I broken it again?

[Have just been informed by Pants that she found my comments in her spam folder. As a committed vegetarian, of all things I really really really don’t want to be spam! Is there any way of getting de-spammed?] [Plus that doesn’t explain why I can’t post a new thread to the board]


Hello. Nothing much to report here, but imagine my excitement when I took a peek at the wibsite today and found a fabulous new blog: Lost In Translation. It feels strange talking about real-life and virtual friends when lots of people on the wibsite are now real-life friends and there’s nothing virtual about them, but anyway Kerensa is a real real-life friend (and may even have featured in occasional tales on this very blog, you never know) (including the now-infamous ironing incident) and I am one of her biggest fans, so am really happy she’s here.

I may regale you with (selected) tales of her wonderfulness at some point. But I wouldn’t want to make her blush (yet).

Wibsite philosophical conundrums

In her comment on this post, derf added a little aside about the new wibsite anti-spam questions: “And since when did I have to answer a philosophical question to post a comment – is a tree bigger than a cat indeed?! – surely that depends on the tree….. If you can read this I got the answer right!

Can I just say I’m so relieved that it’s not just me! The banana question (when I get it right that is – I did type “pink” once absent-mindedly) always makes me think “well it depends how ripe it is, it might be green, why isn’t that an option?”, whilst the tree and cat question always makes me think of a. little oaks just emerging from acorns, b. bonsai, and c. Kitten Kong from the Goodies. And I have to confess, I have even, once, thought to myself “well it depends what planet you’re on” when it comes to the colour of the summer sky question.

I’m not clever enough to have thought of any philosophical objections to the maths questions though.

Falling standards

Along with at least Marmite on Toast and Living in the past, this blog has been targetted by the wiblog standards officer on account of not really doing what it says on the tin. I’d like to present the following items of evidence in my defence.

1. Maturity

Recent blog posts about turning into my dad, creaking joints, 17 year olds looking like children, and friends who are 40, I think establish my mature credentials admirably. If that’s not enough, the remains of the mozzarella cheese that I chucked out of the fridge this morning should do it. “Mature” doesn’t begin to describe the whiff.

2. Students

I have got some books out of the library this week. Admittedly I haven’t read any of them, but as not reading library books is a prerequisite of studenthood I think that should do the trick. I also ate some baked beans earlier this week, admittedly not on toast or cold straight out of the can, but 1 out of 3 isn’t bad.

Hooray for the wibsite!

Even though I (really!) have been on blog-lite, I noticed the recent wiblog technical cockupedness (not due to the management here, of course) and felt strangely bereft that I couldn’t either catch up with the rest of the wibworld or share my own peculiar brand of wit and profundity with the world. Which is weird, as it all coincided with me having the most boring and uneventful few days with nothing worth blogging about whatsoever. I wonder if the two are connected?

Anyway, lots of hoorays, slaps on the back, chocolate, etc for the wonderful Chris and Dave for sorting it all out, and lots more of the same for the rest of the wibloggers who had me in stitches over on the wibloggers waiting room thread. That made me laugh.