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My WISE gift

Thank you very much to the lovely farli who sent me these lovely wooden tree decorations (plus a stick of rock as a clue, although I already had guessed my secret Santa’s identity from the postmark!). Rather embarrassingly we appear to have lost our Christmas tree (and with it all the previous decorations, including Miss Lisa’s decoration from last year’s WISE and some decorations from birdie as well from a ship secret Santa from a few years ago). It is in storage somewhere, but we couldn’t find it so I’m afraid we did without. However hopefully next year we’ll be more organised (and hopefully will be somewhere bigger where we don’t need the storage unit any more) and will have found the tree, so I’ll be able to show them in situ doing what they were created for.

Thanks again farli, the decorations are beautiful.



Any wibloggers who haven’t yet signed up for WISE (the wibsite equivalent of a Secret Santa) and would like to, the relevant instructions are on the top of page 2 of this thread. Remember you need to email as well as post on the thread.

Better late than never

Dear my WISE giftee, I will be posting the gift tomorrow, so it should be with you Thursday or Friday. A million apologies for the delay.

In other news, yesterday’s seminar was OK. Not brilliant, but not embarrassing, and I had some useful feedback from my supervisors. So tomorrow I shall spend time rehashing the talk (I need to cut out about a third of it as it was too long, and think about how to make some bits sound less descriptive). It’s looking like I won’t make *too* much of a fool of myself at the conference. Which is always good, I find.

I’ve just had a really funny Google hit. “The end of the world is nigh essay”. Boy do I know that feeling.

WISE gift

I was right – it was my WISE gift waiting for me! I have taken pictures, but unfortunately the card reader is at the other end of the country so I shall show you those on Thursday when I am reunited with the appropriate technology. Before then though I have to say a huge THANKYOU! to the lovely Miss Lisa for her parcel of fabulous goodies all the way from Tasmania! A couple of them made me laugh, but they’re all great.

The parcel consisted of:

* a bird (kookaburra?) with a santa hat that will join the alpaca** on our Christmas tree this year
* a book of Devilishly Delicious recipes from Tasmania
* a few sheets of Creative Paper
* some seeds impregnated in gen-u-ine Roo Poo*** paper (that made me laugh out loud, on the bus, which is where I was when I opened it)
* a couple of Tasmania tourist brochures “for further information about planning your Tasmanian holiday”. Is that a hint by any chance, Lisa?

What a fab present! Thank you so much 😀

** We got an alpaca from the Practical Action (formerly Intermediate Technology) charity as an alternative wedding present last year. The actual alpaca went to a family in Peru, but we got a little knitted alpaca finger puppet as a little memento, so stuck it on the top of our Christmas tree, which is our first Christmas tradition. With the addition of the kookaburra this year, maybe we should instigate a tradition of a new Christmas tree critter every year?

*** I bought some elephant poo paper with seeds when I went to Namibia in 2000, but nothing ever happened with them despite planting it – I certainly didn’t grow any elephants, I’d have probably seen the footprints in the butter if I had. I shall try to grow roos instead, although the blurb on the packet says “the flowers prefer direct sunlight and dry conditions” which in the west of Scotland it has to be said might be a wee bit of a challenge.

Work in progress

Today I am giving a work in progress seminar, to give my conference talk a trial run before the real thing in front of scary academics. The talk is using material from the chapter I have (more or less) just written. I think I’ve done enough to not make a fool of myself, but (as usual) feel like it’s a bit superficial. I’m not sure if my standards are unrealistically high (as whenever I feel like what I’ve written is superficial, my supervisors usually seem much more positive and impressed than I am) or if I really am blagging it as much as I feel like I am doing.

In other news, I have a parcel waiting for me at the delivery office which I will pick up later. I wonder if it’s my WISE present? Speaking of which, my gift will be sent either today or Wednesday so hopefully there won’t be too much longer to wait for my giftee.

Matters arising

I’m back, reunited with my laptop.  Actually I have to say that not having internet at home for a few days, while the laptop and I were at opposite ends of the country, was really liberating!  Though I was starting to get a bit twitchy, so maybe not *that* liberating.

I have sent about 75% of my chapter to the supervisors.  It feels a bit superficial to me, but at least I’ve got something down on paper. The rest of it will have to wait till next week sometime, as before then I have to write a draft conference paper which I am presenting as a work in progress on Monday.  No rest for the wicked, as they say.

I must apologise to my WISE (Wibsite International Secret Exchange) person.  I have bought the present, but due to the week’s manicness I didn’t manage to buy the card I wanted or get anywhere near a post office, so that will have to wait till I’m back in Glasgow next week.  Fortunately my person is UK-based, so it should still get there in plenty of time.  I suppose it might mean that as they’re still waiting they might assume they’re waiting for something to arrive from Australia or somewhere else more glamorous and exotic, but hopefully the end result won’t be too disappointing (and, one part of the gift *is* very sparkly, so that will be worth the wait).

Glasgow’s bling is back.  Yes, the Christmas lights were switched on this last weekend.  Actually in George Square I do think that it is slightly less blingy than last year, but bear in mind that this is in relative terms.  Maybe I’ll put up a picture of the bells as my icon instead, now that I discover that one person *did* think that my chocolate cake icon looks like a turd.

I’ll write something more sensible once I’ve done some work and caught up with my scrabble games.

Thank you to Nefertiki

Pismo Beach card I keep forgetting to blog that, whilst I was away in London, a card arrived for me from Nefertiki. This was in lieu of us being able to participate in WISE (Wibsite International Secret Exchange) this year – I sent her a couple of cards from Romania too. I always like hearing about exciting travels in furrin parts, especially places I’ve never been to – believe it or not I’ve never yet made it to the USA. Anyway, here it is – Pismo Beach, California.