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A good day (with reservations)

Good things about today:

* At supervision my supervisor referred to the article I wrote as (and I quote) “fantastic”, the best thing I’ve written so far, and if I write all my thesis chapters like that then I’m sorted. So all the agony of last week was worth it, and I’m really chuffed that I am writing to the required standard (when you’re so close to what you’re writing it’s sometimes difficult to tell).

* At the same session I plucked up the courage to ask if I could change the role play tutorial which is coming up in a few weeks. My supervisor (who set the thing in the first place) has previously appeared quite set on it and resistant to change, so I was a bit nervous, but as soon as I asked she said “yeah, do what you like with it!” I know I normally feel sick on a Monday night before Tuesday tutorials, but I was already starting to dread this one, so this is really great news. Hooray!

* I have bought tickets for a Celtic Connections concert on Friday (yes kingsfold, *that* one – see you there). As we aren’t as flush with money as the last couple of years this is the only (paying) concert we’re going to this year, but it looks like being a great one. Hooray!

The reservations about today:

* I haven’t lost any weight this last week. Must try harder.

* The main criticisms of my article were the length of some of my sentences and extreme use of brackets and sub-clauses. Me, ramble on and on? I’m sure you’ll all find that very difficult to believe.

* The Celtic Connections box office was shut when I went this morning (didn’t open till 10, which was when supervision was) so I had to go back in the afternoon. Glasgow traffic between 5 and 6 is terrible!

* I have about a million zits. Normally this coincides with weight loss. This time I have all the pain and none of the reward. Grrrr.

In demand

After a relatively (read: Very Very Very) quiet start to the year social-life wise, this week is all of a sudden hotting up. After Sunday’s gig, yesterday evening I had supper at the curate’s place – wonderful evening, I really enjoyed it, and can’t let it go without mentioning that her poor kitty with the surgical collar to stop her scratching herself had an identical expression to Puss in Boots from Shrek 2, so that even a diehard dog person like me couldn’t fail to fall for her. Tonight is free, but tomorrow night I’m meeting up with some friends from England who are staying in Scotland for the week. Tomorrow night has turned into a very popular going-out night – I’ve already had to turn down a ticket for another Celtic Connections gig (Eliza Carthy & the Ratcatchers), and when I got back last night I had a message that another friend from London is working in Glasgow tomorrow, staying tomorrow night and wanted to meet up, I felt so awful saying I was already doing something. Honestly, this social life business is like London buses – nothing for ages then 3 at once. I’m also out Thursday and Friday evenings so all my good intentions to do more PhD studying are going to be sidelined if I’m not careful. Balance. How does that happen? (Answers on a postcard…)

In other totally unrelated news, I am NOT a teenager. So what’s with the spots? Gah. This should have happened 20 years ago.

And in still other unrelated news, today I am working (*cough*) from home on something that had an original deadline of last September. If you hear that Katie has fainted in the next day or so, it’s my fault.

Habby Dew Year

I have started the new year with a cold and a big zit. Hooray. Good news though is that the time with my parents was very good – we didn’t get ratty with each other, in fact we got on really well, and my bedroom is now looking like a bedroom (ie it has a proper bed in it, and the floor has been reclaimed). I’ve so far only painted the wall behind the wardrobe, taking advantage of the fact that the wardrobe (which is humungous, and even empty took all three of us to move back with Great Difficulty) was already in the middle of the room so I could actually reach the wall. I’ll finish the rest of the room over the weekend. Dad and I turned into a pretty good team when it came to the wallpapering, although we ended up with him doing all the hanging – he did suggest I do it, and was talking me through it, but hadn’t reckoned on my ladder phobia which, when coupled with not having the foggiest what I was doing, meant that by the time I was in a fit state to put the paper to the wall the paste had dried and it just fell on top of me instead. I’m sure I could have done it if the walls weren’t so high (this being a tenement flat the walls are about 10ft instead of the more usual 8-ish ft). Of course I could.

I haven’t started putting pictures up yet, I think that may be a project for later today. Now that the hall is a lovely yellow, I have the perfect print from Madrid which will go really well. I didn’t want to put it up while the parents were there though, as it is of nekkid people and although they’re not particularly prudish or anything it’s not quite parents’ material (not my parents anyway). It’s “Desnudos en la Playa” by Togores which I think is lovely (go to the Togores pictures about half way down, and it’s the fourth one – a man and a woman on the beach) (the original, in my new favourite-ever gallery, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, is stunning). Once I’ve found a frame I shall put it up, though I may have to remember to replace it with an inocuous landscape or something when I have the “clergy visitation” from the new church (I don’t want to give the poor clergy a turn!).